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Why moving iron headset is always more than the real circle?

Moving iron sound unit cost of high profits, moving iron earplugs low-end models have five or six hundred, the general line of brand retail are hundreds of dollars.

And the sound of the sound of iron is better than moving the ear into the ear. As the area of ??the moving coil unit is large, and in the process of vocalization requires more space and air involved in vibration, it can not effectively control the leakage sound phenomenon; and moving iron can effectively reduce the ear part of the area, and can be placed deeper The ear canal part. As the geometry of beats solo the ear canal is round, much simpler than the ear, so a soft texture of the silicone sleeve beats by dre on sale relative to the traditional earplugs have been able to play a good sound insulation and leak-proof effect. High-end moving iron often have multiple sound units, such as JH16 and UE18 have 6 sound cells per channel, each responsible for different frequency bands.

The frequency response curve of moving headphones cheap beats is more stable. Dynamic headphones in the different temperature, humidity and the use of the process, the frequency response curve will appear some audible changes. While the movable iron is showing good stability, so that the sound quality is more stable and reliable, easy to change. A very important reason is that the moving iron unit is almost entirely made of metal materials, through the high precision mold forming, moving coil vibration diaphragm is generally through the glue and coil want to combine, so there are many elements of the impact The individual difference is more.