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Why do some people wear headphones to hold their ears?

Speaking of headset is really love and hate. Love is: in appearance, compared to in-ear style earphones, headset plasticity strong; from the security point of view, it does not ears, to avoid ear canal abrasion; from the practical point of view, headset More durable than the ear. Head type is an important basis for ethnic characteristics. It has a great relationship between brain volume and reasoning ability. The human head type is related to the upper and lower sides of the head. Therefore, the racial, backward and progressive race, the head index has a certain difference, that reflects the differences in the brain. For example, the current black head index (eyebrows to the back of the brain length and ears above the width of the ratio) is about 65, 75 people in the Mediterranean, the Alps 84, Mongolians 85. In these races, the history of the Mongols than the black history of some progress, than whites as well. Of course, after the rapid movement of modern people, the rapid expansion of cultural exchanges, breaking the ancient cultural division of the situation, there have been human wisdom and cultural communication is two different phenomenon. From the point of view of the index, the yellow race is by no means backward, in the process from the ape to the people, he evolved from the original long head to the progress of the wide head type evolution, is the final differentiation of one of the wide head race. Because many anthropologists believe that by the apes to the ape people are long, only to the talent there wide head appears. Modern children are also from the long head to the broad development of the phenomenon. That is, young children and ancient humans are long head type, to the modern human and adult gradually to the direction of development. For example, the Europeans are made up of three people from the Mediterranean, the Notty, and the Alps. Their head indices vary widely, 76 in the Mediterranean, 79 for the Alty, 85 for the Alps, and the latter being considered the most advanced. Similarly, the Mongols, the Chinese head index also reached 85, so white people, although in the past 300 years have great development, but in the ethnic differentiation, they are not as good as yellow people.

To sum up, the African leader is the longest and narrowest. Europe's head type is relatively narrow, is the vertical growth beats by dre studio of the head type, the neck is relatively long, the head is also narrow, the Asian head type and the European people just the opposite, the Asian head is the whole Founder, horizontal The growth of the larger space, the head part of the relatively wide, men than women to be wider, the neck is relatively short and short.

Now based on the above head data we generally understand why the same headset, beats by beats by dre dre wireless Africans wearing a very comfortable, the European wear and make do, Imagine a short head hanging on a head designed for long head, In the width will not feel Le was a panic.