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Why do pilots wear big headphones, are they wearing ordinary headphones?

We often see the aircraft inside the pilots are wearing headphones, but they wear headphones and our ordinary headphones are different? Today let us explore this cold knowledge. Reason one: noise reduction and isolation of external noise

The aircraft is generally flying height is above the altitude, due to the aircraft powerful engine, also accompanied by a strong noise, the noise is mainly produced by the engine, the aircraft engine noise even in a stable flight state is more than 90 decibels, And the physical and mental harm is self-evident. Pilots work long hours in a high-noise environment to think about how much harm.

Supersonic aircraft and shock waves. Piston engine general power than the car's large, there is no special silencer equipment, so the noise. The gas turbine engine has a particularly high degree of air acceleration, so its noise is great.

So the use of noise reduction headphones born, the pilot wearing noise reduction headphones, can greatly reduce the noise of the ear canal, more security to protect the flight. Also in ordinary small fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters, if the pilot does not wear a noise reduction beats by dre wireless headset is completely unable to hear the cockpit in another person to speak the sound. So why is the noise in the plane flying so much?

Because the engine using Newton's reaction of the third law, the engine starts, the compressor rotation inhalation of the outside air, the outside air into the guide after the compressor to a gas back pressure, gas pressure is growing, When the gas through the last level, the gas pressure increases many times, and then into the combustion chamber, in the combustion chamber, the jet ignition, fuel injection, because the gas contains oxygen, gas combustion expansion, backward spray, burning The rear of the room is the turbine, the turbine shaft is loaded with the turbine disk, the turbine disk is rounded to fill the blades, cheap beats by dre and the turbine is rotated through the turbine and then backwards. The gas is compressed by the turbines at the rear of the engine and the pressure is increased by a few hundred times , And finally, through the tail nozzle. Produce a reaction force to fly the plane forward. What you hear is the great sound that this process produces.

Aircraft on beats headphones cheap the call system (usually also known as "machine"). In addition to the machine can isolate external noise, to protect the hearing, but also cheap beats by dre to provide between the pilots and the tower and the call. Aircraft communication system is mainly used for aircraft and the ground between the aircraft and aircraft between the mutual communication; also used for in-house calls, passenger broadcasting, recording voice signals and to provide visitors with audio-visual entertainment signals. Aircraft communication systems typically include high frequency communications (HF), VHF, SELCAL, Cabin broadcast (PA), in-flight, in-service, cabin, guest entertainment (video , Music) and voice recording systems. The current large aircraft also includes (satellite communication system SATCOM) and aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) and so on.