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What kind of headphones hurt the ears?

In the song, because the occasion of the reasons, we always want to wear a headset, but what kind of headphones suitable for wearing it? What kind of headphones hurt our ears is relatively small? The following let Xiaobian Huang Jie one by one for you to answer:

1. For the headset headset, although in the time of carrying, because the volume of the relationship, there will be some inconvenience, beats headphones on sale but for our cheap beats ears is not hurt Oh, the health beats by dre on sale of the eardrum is relatively Safety.

2. There is also the ear hanging earphones, and ear hanging headset volume is relatively small, easy to carry out when going out, choose to wear when the ear is the first choice. But from the volume of listening to music, the ear hanging headset volume a bit outrageous.

3. small ear plug it is the ear and earbuds of these two, and will not hurt our eardrums will not be pain, easy to carry out when you go out, but easy to increase our ear feces, and bacteria are more. Some people are small ears, then more suitable for wearing ear style earphones, because the earbuds headphones diameter is generally 13% or 15%, ears, small people will feel uncomfortable for a long time.

From the health problems to buy headphones, then, is the headset> ear hanging headphones> earphones> earphones, headphones, select the headset, you choose right?