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What kind of headphones are right for you? A headset really enough?

Headphones are enough? In fact, headphones like a tie watch, in different occasions to wear different headphones, both to deal with different situations, but also to show their own personality. The game wearing a headset wearing a wired headset, and must be a wheat, so as to better communicate with his teammates; go out if they are driving with a Bluetooth headset, so safer; if it is a car that line-controlled headphones , Easy to pick up the phone to listen to music;

Sports to wear sports Bluetooth headset or sports wire headset, the former easy to use there will be no winding situation occurred, the latter is more suitable for highlighting the personality of the original headset just to facilitate the use of the sound to avoid leakage, but with the technical Development, headphones and audio equipment with the same status, the use of headphones for the purpose of turning into a better experience of sound quality, more convenient to use.

Then the problem came, what kind of headphones for their own, they need a what kind of headphones do, in fact, everyone's needs on the headset are different, and even many people do not need headphones, because they prefer the sound, But in public places headset is more suitable for use, whether it is to call, listen to music or work and study, the real role of the headset is to control the sound between the ears, is the so-called tone does not pass his ears, so the headset at least ask not to let Standing next to you to hear what the headphones play. In the choice of headphones when we not only depends on the price, style, but also pay attention to the headset sound quality, function, the current headset in the ordinary sound transmission on the basis of adding a variety of different attributes, some headphones support HIFI sound, Headphones with more beats by dre studio luminous effect of light, and some headphones comes with storage space does not require other playback equipment.

Choose what kind of headphones the most important thing is to see what users want to wear, and the most commonly used or the most traditional and most common wire headset, with a simple and convenient. If you are the movement of people do not try to exercise the Bluetooth headset and bone conduction headphones, these headphones to eliminate the traditional headphones stethoscope effect, whether it is running or fitness can enjoy the normal music. If you are a business person, then you most need is a Bluetooth headset, whether it is driving, the meeting or work when the Bluetooth headset is the most convenient choice. The purpose of the diversity of headphones and meet the needs of different people, so in the selection of individual needs to purchase is necessary, without considering the price of a good headset will be the most commonly used in daily life most needed equipment One, please carefully pick your favorite headphones it