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What is the game headset?

Game headset is suitable for playing when playing with the headset, for game users, a good performance of the game headset allows players to experience the immersive feeling in the game, cheap beats by dr dre for the game players, a performance Excellent game headset but also to help gamers, enhance combat effectiveness.

Game headset relative to the music headset, pay more attention to the sound field and positioning (such as shooting, guns and games on cheap beats the need to locate the game), while the amount of low frequency and intensity has increased, and thus meet the user experience for the game sound. The music headphones in essence, pay more attention to sound quality, the appropriate range of ultra-good range, sound quality pure, sound and penetrating.

Among the many headphones, the game headset has a sensitivity advantage. Relatively closed listening environment, but also more conducive to gamers feel the details of the sound, to enhance the judgment of beats solo the sound. Therefore, compared with the traditional headset, the game headset more positioning ability advantage, more able to express the direction of the sound sense, more suitable for 3D games will be clear voice expression. But also to the player as the object of the game headset, the general will continue to strengthen beats headphones the low-frequency sense of processing, so as to promote the game plot, so that players more easily threw himself into the game, so as to "listen positioning, hundreds of wear Yang."