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What about the headset how to distinguish between good and bad headphones a few points

If you can not distinguish between good and bad headphones, buy headphones to buy, just look at the line can be used on the line of mind, if you buy poor headphones, sound quality is not good, but also easy to bad, bad and buy, buy and Bad, it's a vicious circle. The The In fact, good headphones can distinguish Oh, then how to choose a good headset? First of all, the most sincere advice, we buy headphones, to the store to listen to, and now many headset manufacturers in fact provide free audition experience, such as we loudly, recently prepared to establish a hearing area throughout the country, mainly to let everyone have Listen to the feelings of listening, we listened to feel good to buy! Well, you do not pay! Is not it special sweet? High-end brand-name headphones and low-grade cottage / fake / no-name ... ... headphones out of the sound is very different, if the headset sound quality is poor, then the situation may be treble sharp harsh, bass roar, singing voice with the original song changes outrageous , Light the situation is the sound distortion, such as songs, always feel that singing out of the sound is wrong, specifically where it is not really can not tell, serious as treble sharp broken sound will cause damage to the hearing, so if the use of Ultra-low-cost headset, the safest way is to minimize the volume, because it can make the sound more gentle. High-end brand-name headphones in the workmanship, materials, tuning on the basis of sufficient, and thus out of the sound is first enough to supple, in the burning machine (that is, headphones warm-up, into the state and the like) enough, even if the volume is also open Do not hurt the ears, but can have more details; then there is enough fidelity reduction

This is the most entangled question asked, in fact, anything has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose their most suitable, do not reluctantly comfortable, and many cities have high-end headset experience shop, different brands, different brands Models, the series has a different sound style, sound quality, to listen to audition, the key to see their appetite. Different headphones (speakers also the same) issued what kind of sound is the manufacturer in the design of a tuning process (only to be on the line except), this is an art beats by dre wireless category activities, with the designer and the brand itself Aesthetic tendencies, features directly related to the sound style is beats solo like the taste of the dishes, the same ingredients, different dishes do not come out why the different style of the headset will be issued a great difference in the sound, it is like the same person, in a no decoration Furniture, empty room to sing, and in a luxurious room decoration singing, and finally the formation of the sound is not the same, the former will have a lot of echo reverb, the latter to be more clear some.

Many people feel that the bass is more heavy, the more rumbling headphones is the sound quality is better and beats by dre wireless more upscale, listening to the more exciting, there are special bass headphones, audio sources have to bass sound is high-quality goods, in fact, this is a big Misunderstanding. The price of the bass is to lose a lot of sound details, which is a design tuning problem, and will cause the overall sound distortion is more powerful, distortion is the sound of the headset to play compared to the original sound changes, so the logo "monitor" (recording Room recording monitor and the like) use headphones are not subwoofer. Sound field, as the cheap beats headphones name suggests is that you put on the headset and close your eyes can imagine the sound brought you the size of the place. Loss of a lot of sound details of one of the greatest consequences, but also the most easily overlooked, is the "sound field" low level of performance, the sound field is the meaning of the scene listening, can distinguish, even close your eyes as if you can see "Like the sound source of the scene, location, etc., there are immersive feeling, if the pursuit of subwoofer sound, it will lose a lot of sound details, the scene is not accurate to restore.