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Want to live at the level of music, it is enough!

Want to listen to the scene level of beats by dre music but but the tickets are too expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands of thousands of their favorite tomorrow if more than a few months to estimate their own even eat a problem, but my heart beats by dre is particularly want to hear the kind of shock Of the live concert, how to do it, this is the heart of most people portrayed. In fact, watching the video can be, but can not find what kind of feeling, it is because you have a less transmission, that is the sound. The pursuit of the sound of the secret, enhance the sound, enhance the atmosphere This is the general game players on the headset requirements, and sometimes half of the technical factors, the environment accounted for half, can imagine a good headset to bring players what is different Feel it Whether it is concert, or a variety of press conferences. This is essential, not just the knowledge to exaggerate the volume only, but also play a regulatory atmosphere, beats earbuds stirring the role. Sound using the latest touch controller, imminent, to give you extraordinary experience, wireless Bluetooth transmission, to avoid excessive data lines to complete the trouble and other issues, the use of Harman proprietary stereo PA technology, the use of six IF converter , And a 4.5-inch subwoofer to show 360 degrees without dead sound surrounds, and he is not just a sound also has a key connected beats by dre studio design, even after the phone can call, clear voice, to break the traditional appearance, we fashion atmosphere Appearance of the new concept of revolution sound.

Sound design concept is intended to subvert the concept of consumer fashion aesthetic sound, and now more and more popular computer screen display, with a three-dimensional sound, the formation of a unique landscape, R26T has a piece of TAS5707 IC module, after Repeated experimental adjustments to make up for the speaker frequency response, NdFeB magnet ripple diaphragm full band speaker and excellent structural design, bring you not the same auditory feast. How can the travel barbecue music support? This portable Bluetooth sound is your best choice, a small body contains shocking sound, smooth lubrication curve design, holding a particularly comfortable, simple and hidden connection Line design, saving time and effort, plug-in interface for any computer phone. Messy data cable link on the computer people look uncomfortable, this section of the headset to break the traditional, the use of Bluetooth connectivity technology, the sound through the air to your ears, high-fidelity stereo sound, perfect To maintain the original nature of the sound, but also the Bluetooth transmission, to solve the traditional data line loss of sound details of the problem, and compatibility is particularly strong whether the computer or mobile phone or other are perfectly compatible with support and with NFC function equipment connection , Gently touch immediately enjoy the sounds of nature.