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Waiting room using headphones, careful hearing damage!

Waiting room as an important transport hub, the crowd gathered, traffic volume. Which can be seen everywhere people wearing headphones intoxicated in their own audio and video world. However, you may not think that in this noisy environment, wearing a long headset may also be a threat to your health. There is an environmental noise problem in the waiting room. At the peak of the passenger flow, the noise intensity in the waiting room is generally more than 70dB (A) [decibel] of the national health standard. Monitoring data found that the majority of waiting indoor noise average intensity of about 79 ~ 83dB (A), traffic generated when the noise is even higher. If you still have a long time in this high-intensity noise, will cause damage to the hearing; if you use the headset at this time, and to ensure the sound effect, people tend to involuntarily open the volume in order to the surrounding environment of the various sound pressure Go on, and too much volume is more likely to lead directly to hearing impairment. Hearing damage and the extent of damage, and you contact with the noise intensity, duration and other factors, which is the primary noise intensity, the higher the intensity, the greater the damage to hearing.

People put on the headset, the high volume of audio sound pressure directly into the ear, the central delivery to the thin eardrum. At the same time, the distance between the epileptic diaphragm and the eardrum is very close, the range of acoustic wave propagation is small and the stimulation of the auditory nerve of the eardrum is stronger. A long time, easy to cause tinnitus, insomnia, headache, ear stuffy feeling and progressive hearing loss.

In the case of the same decibel, the use beats earphones of headphones to listen to music, than the outside of the incoming voice of the damage to the hearing greater. Headset volume output is generally about 84 decibels, some high-frequency range can reach 120 dB.

The study found that normal people exposed to more than 85 dB of noise, the ears of the auditory cells will be damaged; when more than 100 decibels, it may cause irreversible hearing impairment.

How to judge hearing has been damaged?

You get rid of the headphones, in a quiet environment, ears still have "buzzing" sound echoed?

If "yes", this is "tinnitus", may be a signal of hearing impairment.


1. Reduce the noise generated by personal activities. In the waiting room, then call to avoid the tone is too high, to avoid talking or noisy loudly, to avoid loud noise; towing or carrying luggage items to minimize the range, gently; reduce the human behavior on the waiting room noise contribution.

2. Wear headphones according to local conditions. When the feeling of waiting room is very noisy or when the vehicle out of the station, try to avoid the use of headphones, even if the leak-proof earplugs will damage the ears.