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Use headset tips


1, do not use earplugs for a long time, and use the appropriate volume of earplugs, so as not to damage hearing. If the input power exceeds the maximum input power, it is easy to damage the vibration plate of the speaker and should be used according to the rated input power.

2, do not force pull ear plug line, so as to avoid fracture or wrinkle phenomenon. Long time in high temperature and humidity environment using earplugs, will easily cause damage to the earplugs or reduce the service life. Please use earplugs properly, L is left, R is right.

Professional headphones "burning machine" method:

"Burning machine" means that the sound quality is stable after a period of use, if you listen to 1 hour a day, 4-5 months after the "burning machine" period, the appropriate burning machine will not damage the headset, will only accelerate the sound quality Of the stability of the performance gradually stable, the indicators have basically reached the best, this time with the burning language is called "pot thoroughly." Under normal circumstances, the headset as long as the use is burning machine, but to make the headset to achieve the best condition, there must be a scientific beats by dre praise, more professional praise machine method is: with the test disc continuous (or local FM radio) with 30% 40% of the volume of continuous playback of 12 to 24 hours, rest day and then choose to play a different style of CD discs 5 to 10 hours, and finally restore the medium sound of soft music for 5 hours, to this machine is basically completed. The beats by dre wireless mechanical vibration of the earplugs restricts the sound quality of the new ear plugs. Just as the new car's engine needs to run in order to speed up the same, the appropriate ear can improve ear ear performance, extend the service life, get more open voice.

How to use earplugs properly:

1, with the same light bulbs, headphones also have to withstand the difference in power size, the volume beats headphones cheap is too large to make the earring coil and diaphragm changes, resulting in ring or burn.

2, do not put the ear plugs directly on the playback device, so easy to damage the wire. There can be a coil box can be placed in the box, there should not be a separate collection, to avoid coil winding, to prevent excessive pull in the process of opening, there is a broken phenomenon.

3, not a long time in high temperature and humidity places using earplugs, likely to cause damage to the earplugs or reduce the service life.

4, the appropriate ear can improve ear ear performance, extend the life of earplugs.

Earplugs to determine the quality of MP3 music Mp3 player by virtue of cheap, portable, multi-function, the appearance of cool and many other advantages to become mainstream music player market. But because of the technical characteristics of MP3, emphasizing the portable, storage capacity, power-saving features while loss of audio power and sound of the original sound quality. To solve this problem must be done through the music final playback component - earbuds. It can enhance the compressed MP3 music space sense, layering, enhance the expression of high school low frequency. Only a good earplugs to make the player's sound quality to play to the extreme. Select the earplugs like to choose the same diet, some people like hot, some people like sweet, some people like heavy, some people like light, each taste is willing to have their own different characteristics, can not say which is absolutely good, which is absolutely bad. The same reason, different brands of earplugs and even the same brand of different series of earplugs have different sound style orientation, each according to their own equipment characteristics and preferences, more knowledge of some earplugs knowledge will be able to choose to fit your good ear, let You can enjoy the wonderful music at any time to bring the relaxed and comfortable.

Selection of earplugs "five steps":

The first step according to your favorite type of music selection of different musical cheap beats by dr dre expression of the earplugs;

The second step from the appearance and feel to judge;

The third step from the comfort to wear on the judge;

The fourth step from the sound quality to judge;

The fifth step from the performance indicators to determine.