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Those "fever headphones" flicker our two things

Sound quality is a macro, the degree of each person's performance requirements of the music is not the same as the price of the headset from 9.9 to 3W have, publicity are fever headphones, headphones is such a product of water depth! "Fever sound quality" Word can flicker a lot of people! The objective definition of sound quality can be detailed under the Baidu Encyclopedia.

Everyone on the sound quality of the appeal is not the same, so I will user voice needs are divided into five levels:

A junior like heavy bass or tune the maximum volume, bass beats by dre studio enough to stimulate the maximum volume will not break is good headphones

2. Intermediate is not a special case will not be the maximum volume of equipment, can distinguish between different levels of headset sound quality, from the quality of a headset to get experience to upgrade the next headset

3. High-level performance of the three-tone performance of the headset and convergence is smooth, horizontal and vertical sound field, analysis, dynamic, sound, loudness and so can feel and use language to express and have their own requirements

4. Fever in the advanced user base for the impact of the final performance of the headset: front-end (player) music files (format and quality) headphone amplifier and a variety of headphones around the rich knowledge and rich experience in product use

5. Ashes on the basis of the knowledge of the depth of knowledge into the headset in any part of the material and the material level can produce different effects, the characteristics of different headphones and the impact of different structures on the sound, with varying degrees of DIY Headset capabilities, headset parts selection and capture capabilities!

Probably on the five levels of it, condemnation, if you do not agree with my point of view, it is no harm ... you will re-set a line on the line!

Easy to misread the headset parameters:

Sensitivity: the sound pressure, unit: db Chinese: decibel, the sound of the common unit (including noise) at the same volume under the sensitivity of the higher the headphones loudness (sound) the greater!

Misunderstanding: high sensitivity is good headphones - ear headphones sensitivity of more than 100 dB above the ear load is relatively large, the virtual standard sensitivity of the product except (do not understand the students can Baidu)

Reason: Ear-style headphones can not use the same sound pressure level (sensitivity) to measure:

1. Flat headphones head only in the ear, headphones only part of the sound into the ear canal will miss a lot of sound (so called open), so the sensitivity is higher than 100db is common;

2. Ear-style earphones sealed the ear canal, headphones issued by the sound of all the basic ears to receive, especially straight into the ear headphones, from this physical reason to see straight ear earphones should not be higher than the sensitivity of flat headphones headphones (personally think that ear Headphones are not more than 100db sensitivity is more appropriate)

2. Resolution: headset for music detail reduction

Misunderstanding: beats by dre sale high resolution is a good headset

Reason: good resolution of the headset, listening to music can hear more details on the ear feel better, but the headset is too high to hear the possibility of noise at the end of the noise will become larger, but also easy to hear the voice of the teeth Sound affect the sense of sound, image point analogy: headset resolution as the sharpness of the picture, it is not natural!

Some sellers say good headphones is sure to hear the noise at the end of the noise is not entirely correct, can only say that the high resolution of the headset is easier to hear the end of noise and teeth!


Misunderstanding: This headset has a noise at the end - the noise is not part of the headset, the headset is only the media to accept the analog source signal sound source!

The source of noise:

1. Playing equipment: the bottom of the noise is basically there, the playback device will have a signal to noise ratio (only manufacturers do not mark you can not see) due to the use of equipment and headphones different Everyone aware and tolerate the noise level is not the same actual use There is no conclusion, but the headset is too high in the use of certain equipment is easier to hear the equipment at the end of the noise! ??(Normal ear can hear the basic band 20-20KHz band)

2. Music files: the current popular music files are MP3WMA AAC APE FLAC OGG WAV, etc., at the end of noise may also exist in these files, especially low-quality MP3 most common, such as: 128K ratio of the following documents, the actual use A song you hear a similar sound of noise, other songs can not hear the basic judgment is a file problem, re-download the quality of the general can solve!

4. sonic and broken sound

1. If the handheld device (not the handheld device is not in this range) normal 80% of the volume headphones appear like a "pop, pop, pop" noise can be determined that the quality of the headset, please contact the seller after the replacement!

2. If it is at 100% of the maximum volume under the continuous emergence of "pop, pop, pop" noise then please recall 80% or so try, if the return to normal then the device can be concluded that the output power is greater than the headset capacity, please replace the device Or replace the beats headphones cheap headset on the device!


When the use of headphones for some time after feeling tired and had to take off, then the headphones of the hearing resistance is to this; some students only the pursuit of the feeling of the ear, that the bass sound is very cool, after a period of time Feel the tired to take off their headphones they think it is normal, in fact, the headphones are the degree of hearing in the impact of your use of time; affect the degree of hearing resistance is the above mentioned headset sensitivity resolution and headphones loudness and three Frequency to bring out the overall music effect is comfortable so smooth!

Tolerance is a different concept, relative to each person's different demands have different results, some sense of hearing is not beats by dre on sale good enough headset analysis is very high bass is so great so just like that is right!

6. Comfort

Affect the headset wearing comfort is the structure and size of the headset does not meet the user's ears, is the physical reason. Some headphones are not comfortable to wear do not have to talk about hearing and intolerable! From the past few decades has been popular Of the headphones headset to the current popular earphones can not be fully fit the ears of everyone's difficulties ... only infinite improvement!

For example: love crazy 5 earpods headphones are excellent ergonomic design, leaving the sound quality, in the structure of the integration of the flat head and the characteristics of the ear, said earpods half ear type, really wear comfort than many headphones are excellent, too Benefit from the ability of Apple to obtain data from different populations of human ear data to create such a good design ... fall to my ears actually use the basic recognition, but my ears are too small wearing more than half an hour or feel auricle tired The

So the mainstream headphones are not 100% suitable for everyone is not the same as the ear must have an exception! Perfect only in accordance with the user's ear inverted model custom headphones ... and tailor-made suit the same price is not the general high!


1. safe

At present part of the headset using the "bulletproof wire" wire sounds very high technology, inside the wire to increase the anti-pull anti-broken fiber, so that the headphone cable pull capacity to increase to 15 kg or more, indeed ... objective is not Will be broken, good! ... However, many of the material in the EU is prohibited to use ... Cause 5 kg of pull bear enough to make children killed ... the fact that many foreign brands of headphones will not highlight the use of this material! It is not good to say that the "bulletproof wire" is not good, just from the security point of view to avoid letting children play, they will not just be used to the "bulletproof silk" Listen to song!

Misunderstanding: the use of "bullet-proof wire" wire pull capacity is enhanced, but the speaker welding bit and plug welding bit by pulling easy to desolate is not changed!

2. Material grade

Headset wire from the ordinary copper wire to the oxygen-free copper wire different grades of headphones using copper wire grade and the number of different; in the sound quality is better or the basis of a fever headset on the use of more advanced wire to a certain extent, improve the quality of headphones, Such as the silver line or some brand of wire such as: the heart of the river like the ancient river ... can icing on the cake but will not completely change the quality of the headset, so the big brands of production headphones inside the product specifications are rarely protruding wire parameters! Hardcore or fever players to put the hands of the quality of the headphones to the extreme or the original wire has been worn to be replaced to be considered, the domestic part of the headset manufacturers in order to highlight their own high level of headphones also participate in wire grade logo, so logical Some or a lot!

8. Shell material


In the past few decades the headset history has been the use of plastic as the headset shell material, although the plastic in the minds of ordinary people is a cheap symbol, but the use of plastic headphones have been the main choice for large brand headphones, such as: Senhai Sylves - 60 years of acoustic technology precipitation, the industry owl! Classic headphones in the history of 99% overall or the main body is plastic!

the reason:

A. Very light plastic is full of nerve and acupuncture points are extremely sensitive to the location of only as light as possible to ensure a more comfortable wearing state, plastic skin-friendly is also better;

B. Plastic shell to meet the fluid design, sound shape changeable, there is no right edge position.

C. Sound in the plastic cavity reflection and plastic cavity resonance caused by the overall effect is excellent, good plastic earphones sound warm and warmer, less cold!

Metal shell

The first to advocate the metal shell is the impression of Huatai OVC, OVC product structure at that time are metal shell headphones, cool looks quite many people like, the last decade of metal headphones are everywhere 90% are domestic design , But the metal material headphones are geese and meteor and did not leave a lot of particularly profound classic!

the reason:

A. Metal headset R & D low cost does not require mold, as long as the structural file into the machining center will be able to one by one output, without the need to meet the minimum injection molding plant requirements, and can be flexibly modified.

B. Metal shell appearance cool and high degree of durability will not be broken, disassembly reassembly is not easy to cause damage to the shell, especially for DIY category and small workshop production.

C. Metal headset shells are generally heavier, there are light metal materials to do, but still not as good as plastic light, the ear can still feel cold, skin-friendly general!

D. Metal headphones more difficult to meet the complete fluid design, will be different degrees of right angle, touch the ears on the Ge Er uncomfortable, of course, enough to touch the ears no problem.

E. Metal headphones can only be a straight tube without a change in the shape of the metal headset can only create straight ear type products can not be more ergonomic side ear ear headphones, because the mechanical cutting is not turning

F. Sound in the metal cavity inside the reflection and resonance and plastic is different, the metal headphones are more sense of speed are faster and faster, the frequency of partial female voice, high resolution, timbre and more cool, like this style can Choose, but also to make warm sound, individual!

3. Wooden shell and ceramic shell

Home audio which is also the classic model of wooden speakers is the most, headphones and speakers like the principle, so the theory of wooden headphone shell should be the best, but the wooden headset shell and the speaker board to achieve the same proportion of thickness , Perhaps the headset is easy to crush, and can do ... but the possibility of mass production is a luxury brand dry things! For example: limited edition, ceramic headset products also exist for several years, plasticity is strong, look forward to classic Birth

Together with the feeling of plastic material headphones are more faithful to the performance of the sound; metal headphones like speakers do not board with marble or cement board, spring ding dong cool, of course, you will look in the first metal headphones may be preferred: Such as the recent "sound artifact" fever design ... just no fever quality! Rebus from the 1000 design of the piston really look good for the fever and health ... but the sound quality is still far from the fever.