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This is the era of ear headphones headset headphones can not compete?

You now use the headset is in the ear headphones or headphones? Which headphones you think is the best? Some people say that this is the era of ear headphones, flat headphones can not compete. Is it true? I believe there should be a lot of friends remember that in the Walkman is still relatively popular when inserted in the machine on the ear is a round piece, covered with a sponge circle, can be easily placed in the ear Outside the hole. There will always be a lot of friends despise these earplugs are not enough sound to sound great, so we may hear from these earphones inside the sound, although more or less will be some interference, but beats solo finally a memory of the times. But this situation, now more and more rare, the aforementioned mentioned earplugs, that is, the so-called "flat head plug", has been more and more replaced by ear earphones. So the question came, is the ear ear ear is the king, flat head plug no market yet?

Before discussing this issue, let us first clarify the advantages of ear earphones. Let us first analyze the advantages of ear earphones. First of all, since it is an ear ear, then the natural wear on the considerable advantage. Through the combination of catheter + silicone sleeve, ear ear can be deep into the ear canal, the sound transmission will be more direct, while wearing can also be more solid. Under the dual advantage of consumers can feel a more clear and deep voice, while in the movement can also enjoy the music, it is quite good. Secondly, because the ear-type earplugs use the catheter to deepen the structure of the ear canal, so different from the flat head plug for the unit size has certain requirements, ear ear can be used in different sizes of the unit, and even can use their own smaller moving iron unit, Multi-unit moving iron or iron ear plugs, bringing more high-quality sound performance. But also because the size can be free to adjust the reason, the shape of ear earplugs can have more changes, can easily create a light, or have excellent design of the earplugs, to the first time to attract the attention of consumers, which for Capture the female market has a certain advantage.

Although the ear earplugs have a lot of advantages, but this does not mean that the flat head plug can have an overwhelming advantage. First of all, each person's ear canal and auricle shape are different, as the leaves can not find exactly the same two, which means that some of the ear canal structure more special friends (such friends are few) can not be more Good to wear earplugs, and insert the ear canal This way of wearing itself will cause some friends of psychological fear, and thus can not achieve the desired effect of wearing. In addition, small-sized in-ear earplugs are limited by space, so they will use small-sized moving coil units or moving iron units. In the use of these units, there will inevitably be some congenital and difficult to overcome, such as small size Circle ear earphones sound more boring, small size moving iron unit sound will be relatively thin this situation. Since the ear ear is not able to fully suppress the flat head plug, then the problem is, what is the reason leading to flat head plug (that is, open earplugs) in the ear ear under the advance of the market share is getting smaller? Xiao Bian that consumers Demand-driven vendor orientation is a very important reason. When the consumer for the performance of audio playback continues to improve, for the details of the requirements of the increasingly high, ear earbuds born in the sound and conduction of structural advantages can give consumers a greater cheap beats amount of information to meet the consumer's sense of hearing The Under such a premise, the ear ear can highlight the characteristics of some aspects of the sound (such as better bass performance, more delicate sound details) advantage makes many consumers will choose ear ear, compared to flat head plugs will appear Lack of competitiveness.

In addition, contemporary consumers for personal privacy requirements also makes the ear earphones more popular. In today's lively and even hustle and bustle of society, listening to music has become a way to enter the self-space to relax the way to protect themselves, in such a request, for the earbuds of sound insulation performance will have a very strong demand. Compared to the shortcomings of the flat head plug leakage, the ear ear can indeed provide greater privacy, to create a more excellent listening experience. Although the ear earplugs have a considerable advantage, flat head plug is now in a weak situation is also an objective fact, but we can be sure that, due to some objective conditions on the advantages, whether from the manufacturer point of view beats headphones on sale or from the consumer point of view, The plug still has a considerable value. Large size dynamic ring natural loose soft sound characteristics, coupled with flat head plug for ear type better features, can indeed fit a wider range of consumers. In fact, Xiaobian their own for some classic flat head plug model is also a soft spot, but also hope to hear more high-quality flat head earplugs. Therefore, Xiaobian also hope to see more excellent flat head beats by dr dre plug products, rather than become a lot of low-cost products of choice, to bring consumers more different options. This is the era of ear-style headphones, flat head headphones can not compete, this theory, do you think it is right? May wish to experience these ear headphones headphones and headphones, to know which is better to use.