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The Way to Solve the Vibration Problem of Speaker and the Existing Problems

After analyzing the causes of the vibrations of the speakers, the technical approach to solving the problem is clear: to reduce the possible vibration and to effectively isolate the existing vibrations.

Front baffle is the speaker of the most important baffle, the sound quality of the speaker has a great impact. In addition to the support of the baffle, the increase in the strength of the baffle can reduce the vibration of the baffle, people will continue to improve the thickness of the front baffle and the use of new high-strength materials and other methods to improve the stiffness of the baffle. As a result, the thickness of the front baffle has been increased by more than ten millimeters of ordinary baffles to several tens of millimeters, and some high-end product front baffles have a thickness of even 72mm or more. Some are using expensive aluminum alloy, stainless steel front baffle, and even the entire speaker are made of aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber and other expensive materials. These practices, the vibration effect is there, but the speaker box material costs have been increased to a very unreasonable point. This is a lot of speakers are currently used in the vibration path.

On the other hand, there have been some speaker manufacturers recently adopted some conventional "vibration isolation technology", to the speaker unit and the box between the box plus a layer of elastic rubber gasket to "vibration." Such as a company specially developed "shock wave treble technology" (DTT). According to reports, due to the edge of the tweeter part of the addition of a rubber shock absorber washer, from the front baffle to the treble unit conduction vibration was reduced by more than 20 beats earphones dB. In addition, there are some companies in the speaker, is in the bass or bass unit and the baffle between the layer of a better elastic rubber gasket, the purpose is to make the wobble unit work when the vibration generated to reduce the amount of baffles.

However, these in other machinery industry can often get better results of the technology, in fact, in the speaker but can not achieve the desired results. Because of this isolation, are "simple vibration isolation system" category. From the vibration isolation theory can know that when the excitation frequency is less than 1.4 times the natural frequency of the system, not only no vibration isolation, but to make vibration amplification. Especially when the excitation frequency and the system's natural frequency is similar, will produce resonance, vibration but has a strong amplification. The frequency range of the vibrations of the speakers (including the loudspeaker unit and the box) covers the natural frequency of the system, and there is a long enough incentive time, so resonance is a high probability event. This is quite different from the situation in other industries. The second reason is that there is no way to do a good job of "mechanics isolation". From the structure point of view, the elasticity of the gasket is not good vibration isolation effect; gasket elasticity, although the vibration isolation effect will be better, but can not stand the unit of incentives, the unit will be a great "swing vibration" Is a great harm to the working state of the speaker unit.

In addition, some cheap beats by dr dre foreign companies in its high-end speakers, the design of a number of similar "tuning fork" principle of the resonance rod vibration or vibration structure; domestic also set up in the speaker a beats headphones on sale single Helmholtz "resonator" to absorb a certain frequency Sound wave technology. These designs are also effective for absorbing vibration of one or several frequencies of the loudspeaker, but there is a common problem that it is only effective for vibration or vibration of a certain frequency or frequency.

Therefore, the accumulation of sound waves in the speaker of this serious source of excitation, the current sound-absorbing materials or technology, and did not achieve satisfactory results. The higher frequency band in the box is easy to use ordinary sound absorption material absorption, and will lead to serious harmful resonant box low beats by dre studio frequency sound waves is difficult to deal with. Because of the low-frequency sound waves, almost all porous conventional sound-absorbing material of the sound absorption coefficient is very small, even can not be considered sound-absorbing material. This is the current response to the speaker vibration of some of the conventional initiatives and problems.