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The use of earplugs on the body of the harm, and how healthy use of earplugs!

?Playing the phone has become a city of a great fun, play the phone anytime, anywhere, regardless of the occasion can play, to bring you a lot of convenience, and now the function of the phone gradually approaching many of the computer functions, some people can not computer But the phone must have, play the phone has become a fashion, do not seem to have to play cheap beats by dr dre mobile phone has been outdated! At the same time, the function of earplugs and mobile phone synchronization development, we are playing the same time with the phone are with earplugs! So long with earbuds on the ears have any effect? How do we care for our ears? With the ear to listen to too long music, will cause hearing loss: the pace of development of mobile phones has caught up with the "light" speed, changing the beats headphones trendy mobile phone, mobile phone features can now replace the computer, so we have to play mobile phone has become A fashion, a trend! Listening to music, is one of the features of the earplugs, I have seen many friends are waiting for the time when the car, when walking, when the toilet ears with earphones to listen to music! But the experts said: continuous listening to an hour of headphones, hearing will decline; continuous listening for two hours, will cause irreversible damage to the hearing! How should we care for our ears? How to avoid unnecessary damage to the ear?

First of all: do not often listen to earplugs is your best choice if not necessary, do not often with earplugs have been listening to songs, which I have deep experience, her husband always with earplugs to listen to music, listen to various news, And when he speaks, he will talk to him several times, this time I will say: "Your ears are finished, finished!" Although I was joking with him, but I think this really affected our lives The He has lived in another world: his own entertainment. Completely disregard of the people around is the need to communicate, is the need to communicate with the mouth of human beings! So I suggest that if you can, try to take care of your friends around the mood of it, do not always listen to earplugs, and family and friends, communication!

Every 1 hour to rest for a while if you have to use earplugs, then please be sure to continue to listen to a child, remove the earplugs, rest for a while, cheap beats at least 15 minutes. This is also necessary for your own ear health care is also necessary! The volume of the tune just to hear the music can be the sound of the news to be able to hear clearly, too much voice will affect your hearing on the cheap beats outside world, especially when you are riding, driving, can not hear the outside world To the various voices will affect your correct judgment on the traffic, and even lose their own lives!

Only to wear a headset is not desirable Some people to listen to music, while to hear the voice of the outside, only with a headset, this is not desirable. Long time to listen to a headset, only one side of the ear long immersed in the sound, will cause the side of the ear is always a "hum, hum" sound, affect the ear hearing, long-term will cause migraine!