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The correct way to improve the sound quality of headphones

For headset enthusiasts, must have heard the word "burn headphones", but how is the way to burn the headphones correctly? How can the effect of the headset to stimulate the maximum? This need to understand this knowledge The. Precautions about burning headphones

A large volume to get the headset, many users tend to be the player's volume to the maximum, for a large volume burning machine, the reason is that burning machine speed fast. Indeed, the large volume of burning machine can make the head of the diaphragm quickly move up to speed up the burning machine, but we know that the headset in the factory, the diaphragm, especially the part of the more rigid part of the process, Softening is the main reason for the improvement of sound quality, but if the beginning of the use of a large volume of burning machine, then the ring is too soft and soft on the movement, it is easy to shorten the life of the folding ring, or even a slight crack or broken sound problems. Therefore, the big volume is a big headset burner, beats by dre studio under normal circumstances to listen to the first, and the maximum volume of the headset is not about 50% of the beats by dre cheap volume burn machine, so as to ensure the effect. Second, bogey overtime "continuous burning machine three days later, the headset sound quality has been greatly improved," this argument in many evaluation reports often see, and even to avoid noise interference, some enthusiasts also use clothes to wrap up the headset, but Such a burning machine, but there is no small risk, after beats by dre sale all, headphones at work or there will be consumption, resulting in a certain amount of heat. Especially sealed headphones or clothing will be wrapped with headphones, the headset voice coil heat can not be successfully discharged, long burning machine may lead to voice coil temperature rise, causing the voice coil fixed skeleton deformation, glue melting and other issues. From the sound quality point of view, prone to treble deterioration, rubbing the ring caused by noise and other issues. So burn the headset once better not more than 3 hours, even beats by dre on sale if you want to burn machine again, but also to place half an hour before going on.

Three bogey bass with bass rich music burning machine, and even with a special bass audio signal burning machine, is a lot of user preferences, some people think that "where to eat which," after the headset bass effect will be better The But with a pure bass burner headset serious consequences, because the bass signal is strong, the vibration amplitude, and the human ear is not sensitive to the bass, even when burning machine you listen to the sound is not, the vibration of the ring, the voice coil is still serious The More critical is that a long time a substantial shock, may lead to voice coil was shocked, resulting in headset sound boring, smaller volume and other issues. So when burning headphones, it is best to avoid the use of bass strong music, and in the use of signal generator, the best choice for a wide spectrum of pink noise burning machine.

But want to greatly enhance the sound quality of the headset, make it play the best performance, but also need to be correct, slowly to burn machine. If you hold the pot to the final effect is not ideal, then we still have to be rational to burn machine, enjoy this process is the most important.