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Talk about the game headset comfort and sound quality is good experience

The rapid development of gaming industry, incidentally let its peripheral products gaming headphones concern. How to experience the game and headphones are closely related to play the game put on the game headset is like watching movies wearing 3D glasses. Regardless of the merits and demerits, the game headset has some similarities in the parameters. Today to talk about the game headset bar. This is the "shrimp" pull the first talk before the first need to solve a problem, why headset to subdivision to the game headphones like this? In the end the game headset and we usually use the music headset What are the different? Through my Access and personal experience of a variety of gaming headphones and music headphones, my summary is probably as follows: the appearance of the game headset with wide headband, bulky earmuffs, with long enough and thick cable, and more With imagination, more is the pursuit of cool, domineering, coupled with shiny adjustable light, giving a "loaded force" Fan children taste. beats by dre sale Music headphones usually do not use lights to be embellished, and the appearance of the impression is exquisite small, you can let the music lovers carry, and more emphasis on fashion sense, as well as lines and materials on the use of beauty. The obvious difference between the two can find the answer on the microphone, the game headset are generally equipped with a microphone, and music headphones in order to achieve good sound quality, generally do not carry a microphone, so you beats by dre cheap can recognize a second Is a game headset, which is a music headset, of course, some music headset or microphone will be integrated in the wire, but it will not like a game headset as a long microphone tube connected.

In the performance of the sound quality, the game headset is more emphasis on the special rendering ability and accurate positioning capabilities, to bring the player on the spot shock feeling, gives the feeling is bully; and music headset is about Sound reduction, low three high-frequency performance are more balanced, in the resolution will be more clear. The difference between the two finished, it is necessary to see our usual game headphones to see some of the parameters, of course, where the parameters have been included in many aspects. The fat head I want to talk about the headset parameters of those things mainly concentrated in the following aspects: headphones head and earmuffs using the material, headphone speaker unit size, headphone frequency response range, headphone sensitivity, headphone impedance.

On the game headset, the most critical of a parameter, in fact, is to wear comfort, and determine the comfort of the one hand is an ergonomic appearance, on the other hand is the game headset head and earmuffs used by the material The. In the material, whether it is the game headset or headset music headset, the vast majority are used leather wrapped sponge design, this design is a bit sponge can greatly slow down the headset and ear pressure, and leather Of the package is for a long time to wear when the ears will not be too hot. Of course, the material category basically the same, but also there are high and low points, the sponge is also divided into ordinary sponge, memory sponge, etc., of course, is also the key material! Sponge thickness is also a certain extent, the impact of comfort; Leather is also divided into leather and imitation leather (PU), but also the existence of cloth with a headset, so when you buy the game headset, fat advice or go to the actual experience of the store, wearing about 5-10 minutes to feel this headset Of the comfort, or buy online back, make a 30 game, to get the ears have pain, and can not return, it really is "lost his wife and soldiers". Comfort is important, while the sound quality of the game headset is also important! So audition becomes very necessary, or just look at the official propaganda and more powerful! That is a certain degree of nonsense and so on. It can be said that for game headphones such products, almost every one is saying that they are using a large unit design, and this large unit is what is it?

Large unit: In fact, can be simply understood as the diameter of the speaker, and this can also be simply equivalent to headphone power, the greater the maximum diameter of the greater power, but the maximum power and no practical use, headset sound quality is stable and smooth The rated power of the speaker. A lot of game headphones boast their maximum power, which is completely flickering white propaganda. Buy Tips: Now the market is now a lot of the game headphones are large units as their own product selling point, basically equipped with 50mm unit, some small points will be equipped with 40mm, the larger will be equipped with 60mm, but look at Unit size of the colleagues, in fact, you can compare the rated power of each headset to go to how much, that way to know how to choose. Finished the unit, said in a game on the headset parameters often appear on the frequency - frequency range, in fact, the word is a simple understanding of the sound in the range of the ability to reproduce, and our ears can hear the range is 20Hz -20kHz, beyond this range we can not hear, low is the case Frequency response range: refers to the range of amplitude within the sound system can reproduce the frequency range, is used to measure the headset on the high, medium and low frequency signal uniformity of an indicator of the ability to reproduce. In the game headset, we sometimes see this parameter, if the lower limit of the lower limit, the higher the upper limit, indicating that this headset has a broader resolution, the performance of the music can be more rich. But the frequency response range is only a reference coefficient only, the game headset manufacturers in order to attract the eye, sometimes the virtual standard of this coefficient, and then let the white feel so bad! Good bang! Then chop hand. In fact, on this parameter, when you choose the game headset do not need to ignore too much, anyway, is the clouds! Look like. Good next parameter! What is the sensitivity of the game headset? This parameter is actually in the game headset, the feeling can be ignored. Why do you say, first to explain what is the sensitivity of it! Sensitivity: refers to the headset input 1 mW power when the headphones can be issued by the sound pressure level (is not to see a look of muddy), if you do not understand it , As long as you know the higher the beats headphones sensitivity, the more easy to push the headset. Usually the sensitivity of the headset will be between 90-120dB, while the game headset sensitivity is generally higher than the music headphones. As the characteristics of the game headset is designed for the game, and the game needs is a good sound field positioning capabilities, and high sensitivity will be conducive to the strengthening of positioning capabilities, so this is the music headset and game headset in the sound quality exists Big difference cause. On the sensitivity, when buying, in fact, look like! After all, the computer host can be easily promoted.

The impedance of the game headset, what host can be pushed to the last one to see the parameters of the impedance, impedance is what the ghost thing to stop the sound to fight the noise? Of course not the way! Here is a brief talk about the impedance Impedance: refers to the circuit with resistance, inductance and capacitance, the obstruction of the AC role (but also the physical knowledge), do not understand it! You have to remember the smaller the impedance, the more easy to headphones sound , This time the sound performance is also very mediocre, otherwise the bass will be more Shen. Most of the game headset, the impedance will be around 32锟斤拷, while the music headset will have more, even up to 300锟斤拷 have (price, I huh da da), after all, the demand is not the same, the game headset and music headphones in the impedance Still can not be a ratio. On this parameter, fat that in the purchase of the game when the headphones to see the parameters of the impedance of 32锟斤拷 is basically to meet your needs, and if you want to better what the bass, or buy a music headset more realistic Oh. In fact, on the game headset parameters, nothing more than two big points: comfort and sound quality. And in front of the fat I think it is comfort or priority, after all, how good your sound quality, positioning how strong! Surround how to do the ultimate, what 7.1 channels, these are shit! Because the comfort is related Is the experience of the whole process of the game, if you wear uncomfortable, it no matter how good sound, it is only a you think of the "hot chicken" game headset. Anyway, if you are just an ordinary gamer, and occasionally listen to music, the sound quality is not excessive requirements, that a game headset enough to meet! But you said you are a sound quality requirements, it is still looking for some high-end point Music headphones more practical.