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Sports Bluetooth Headset Selection Guide

At the end of last year, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance announced the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, a new generation of Bluetooth technology from the data transmission speed, privacy protection, network support to enhance the three aspects of Bluetooth 4.2 devices can be directly through IPv6 and 6LoWPAN access to the Internet, Bluetooth devices and home network interconnection faster.With the 4.2 standard announcement, Bluetooth technology has also entered the era of "Pentium 4." Today, the demand for wireless devices has become increasingly high, and this includes Bluetooth Headphones; whether it is sports Bluetooth headset, music, Bluetooth headset or communication Bluetooth headset, are very popular with young people nowadays; their biggest advantage is that you can release your hands, so you drive, do housework, office can also be free Listen to music and call.

Bluetooth headphones are now divided into three categories: sports, music, communications; these three types of Bluetooth headset has its own characteristics and uses, and for now, sports Bluetooth headset is the most popular and attention of the highest, Followed by communication Bluetooth headset, while the music Bluetooth headset is ranked in the last; because the Bluetooth transmission for the sound quality will have some loss, so for the pursuit of sound quality users will still choose the traditional wired headset.Although the movement of Bluetooth headset is now more popular , But I also found that there will be a lot of white users before and after the purchase of products encountered many small problems, such as modeling choice, wearing a solid, signal reception problems, noise, life, etc .; plus the market fake Cargo and cottage goods, so that white users for a lot of Bluetooth headset quality skeptical; then today I will be on the above common problems for everyone to sum up and explain some of the attention to buy sports Bluetooth headset. If you want to ask why To choose a Bluetooth headset in the beats by dre cheap sport, then I think the most direct answer is that it is convenient ah; yes, we play with the sport Of the equipment is certainly the less the better, if you are using a traditional wired headset, then you will have beats by dre another mobile phone or MP3 player, but these devices will become your sports cumbersome; and if you use Bluetooth headset, you only need Put on the headset, put the phone on the side of the music can be, and instantly let you in a relaxed exercise.

In addition to simple styling, the strength and comfort of wearing is also very important for sports Bluetooth headphones; for example, a person who often goes to the gym, who must at least guarantee an hour of exercise time; during this time, We will run, jump, do equipment and other sports, which requires us to wear sports headphones will not fall because of strenuous exercise, otherwise it will completely disrupt your rhythm.In addition, if there is no good comfort, your ears are May be in the body after a period of time will appear pain and oppression of the feeling, therefore, comfort is also in the purchase of sports Bluetooth headset need special attention

We usually have a lot of noise in life, car speakers, downstairs aunt square dance, next door decoration, etc .; and in the same sports will have noise, take the gym, usually always put some pop music (often taste also No one ye), this is why everyone in the exercise to listen to their music; this requires your headset has a good sound cheap beats by dr dre insulation effect, of course, is the first choice, but not all ear earphones have a good sound insulation effect; So we suggest that you have the conditions to try to go to the physical store audition; if not convenient, then you can look at the user's comments or to use sports around the Bluetooth headset for a Bluetooth headset, the stability of the signal reception is also very important, it will Directly affect your mood in the movement; although now on the market a lot of Bluetooth headphones have claimed that their products in the range of 10 beats solo meters can achieve effective signal reception; However, in the actual use of the process, we will often find a lot of Bluetooth headset Of the signal reception are not stable, and some even in the 5 meters away from the beginning of the signal intermittent problem; therefore, we in the purchase It is necessary to pay attention to the signal receiving capacity of the Bluetooth headset.For the problem of signal reception, the author has two suggestions here; first we have to choose to use Bluetooth 4.0 and above version of the sports headphones; also need to pay attention to the location of the Bluetooth receiver, And some in the left headphones, and some in the right headphones; no matter on which side, we try not to let the phone and the Bluetooth receiver between the occlusion, so as to better protect the stability of signal reception.We also hope that Bluetooth 4.2 version can solve the problem of signal reception, so that users use more fluid.

And mobile phones, Bluetooth headset battery life is also in the purchase of our need to pay special attention; this directly affects the user experience good and bad. Longer battery life can guarantee a certain period of time to reduce the number of times the charge, the use of feelings almost the same as the wired headset; and a shorter life it is necessary to frequently charged, especially those who insist on less than a day endurance Bluetooth headset, use feeling not enjoy the day forgot to charge one day if found before you exercise, It makes you feel very uncomfortable, so be sure not to overlook life Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset ordinary movement in the music player today buying tips about sports Bluetooth headset to talk to us here, we hope to be able to bring a certain degree of help , in fact, whether it is sports Bluetooth headset or other wearable devices, in essence, it is to make us more convenience and pleasure in the movement, but the movement itself is the most important; if because of some worn equipment and tangled around you exercise efficiency it looks a little more harm than good to adhere at least five or six hours, if less than this time, indicating Air insufficient capacity.