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Simple to understand the headset specifications

"Frequency response / frequency response range Frequency Response unit is Hz. Hertz (Hz / Hertz) is the unit of calculation of frequency, in simple terms, meaning that beats headphones the number of cycles per second vibration Hz higher, the more the number of vibration, the higher the tone, the lower the Hz is the contrary. But in the headset box, we are common only frequency range is generally speaking, our ears can hear the range is 20Hz-20,000Hz, beyond the scope of the sound, "most" of the human ear There is no way to hear, but may be able to feel.

However, the "frequency response" of this specification, in fact, only show the sound can be issued by the headset, but can not show the vice headphones in the high frequency (treble) / low frequency (bass) performance quality, only a reference data. The actual headset sound, quality, or you need to go directly to the store site, with your favorite music and Mp3 direct audition Oh!

Sensitivity / sound pressure sensitivity / Sensitivity As the name suggests, simply say, is the headset for the input signal response Hello! And the degree of this reaction, is issued by the sound size, to do the calculation. Guess what size is the measure of the size of the sound? The (Hint: the size of the noise, what units are used to calculate it? Yes, is the number of decibels, that is, dB value.

The unit of sensitivity can be abbreviated to dB / mW (decibels / milliwatts). We usually say headphones "sensitivity", meaning: the signal source to the headset 1mW (milliwatts) of the electric power, the frequency of 1000Hz, the headset can be issued to the cheap beats headphones "sound size" is the sensitivity of the headset. A pair of high-sensitivity headphones, to some extent, "easy to drive" - ??even with the MP3 / portable player, only the normal volume power, you can make the headphones produce enough volume sound.

For example: with the same machine / source to test, in the two pairs of headphone impedance specifications under the premise of a marked 96dB / mW number A headphones, and a marked 92dB / mW number B headphones, After the test, the volume of the volume will be different

Headphone sensitivity, only the headset can be issued much sound, the volume of the reference value, and the sound quality of the show is no absolute relationship. So, or to remind you that the selection of the headset, it is best to go to the store audition, to be able to ensure that the headset is the most suitable for you!

Impedance "simply means that when the sound signal from the phone / MP3 and other devices ..., through the headset transmission process will suffer" resistance. " The greater the resistance, the relative mobile phone / MP3 ... and other signal devices, you must use greater effort to push the headphones. So the smaller the impedance, the headset will be better to promote the phone / MP3 to the headset a little sound (output signal), the headset will have a great response, that is, the volume beats headphones cheap does not need to tune very high, headphones will feel up Very loud, that is ... ... the high sensitivity of the meaning of friends !!

So the impedance and sensitivity are inseparable but sing each other, like the mother to the pie for the two brothers, because the impedance of the high sensitivity is low, the opposite impedance of the small sensitivity is high.

"Impedance" is based on (ohm ohm) as the unit, according to Aom's law, the lower the impedance, the lower the voltage, the greater the current. On the contrary, the higher the impedance, the higher the voltage, the lower the current. In other words, the size of the impedance will affect the headset drive mode.

Now the trend of hand-held device design, in order to save power and more lightweight design requirements, for the headphone output power (that is, the headphone thrust) design is getting smaller and smaller (or even low per channel At the level of 5mW), and therefore in recent years, small in-ear headphones in order to meet the above trends, the impedance will be small, so that headphones better push, small volume output can be greatly shocked.

Then ... ... if you use low-impedance headphones, but the sound sound also sounds good enough, it may be because the use of large touch screen phone, or use the PSP or NB while listening cheap beats by dre to music, while playing the game, while your Mobile phone, NB or PSP is too busy, and assigned to the headset signal energy is not enough (that is, so that MP3 is too hard to work .....), it can not be perfect headphone driver, resulting in sound quality may not be good enough a feeling of. So the quality of the special requirements of the people, will be an additional headset to expand the machine (ear expansion), to provide enough energy headphones, headphones can have 100% performance.

But it is not good to choose a low-impedance headset, that is, because you must be based on your voice playback equipment, to select the "fit" headphones. Such as for DVD, TV, VCD ... This large family of audition equipment, you must use high-impedance headphones (100 or even 200 ohm above), in order to hear a lot of sound performance of the shock, and because these devices "Strength" is very large, low-impedance earphones can not stand, easy to "burn".