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Share the harm of a pair of headphones you know?

Walking, car, beats solo running, the Internet ... ... headphones has become an indispensable one of modern life supplies. If you happen to lazy cancer late, and every day to use the headset, then it is not with others public headphones! Each of our ears is covered with earwax, bacteria and dead skin cells. Where the earwax is the secretions of the ear canal skin, with the protection of the external auditory canal function; healthy human ear bacteria from Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus composition, as long as there is no number of bacterial proliferation or external bacterial invasion, it will not happen Any infection. When the headset into someone else's ear, it will stick to his ear feces, and then stick to the other person's ear feces headphones will be stuffed into your ears ... ... put away very disgusting look, in fact, cheap beats headphones and the common toothbrush, towels, etc. Wash the same, with others share the same pair of headphones, can also lead to bacterial transmission. If your ear happens to have skin damage or other wounds, foreign staphylococci are likely to take the opportunity to invade and induce skin infections or even more serious beats earphones systemic diseases.

Oily wet earwax has a good protective effect on the harmful bacteria of the outside world and can help these bacteria survive and multiply. Studies have shown that often wearing headphones can increase the number of bacteria in the ear 11 times. For bacteria, every day into the ears of the headset, but it is the most suitable breeding hotbed, once the use of time is too long, it will increase the risk of ear infections.

Sharing headphones or using unclean headphones may also cause ear molds, otitis externa, ear mites, skin pustules, pimples and ugly blackheads. In the flu season and high incidence of enteroviruses need to be particularly careful. At least once a week cleaning headphones, do not have to put it in a clean box, visual only beats by dre Virgo to do it. If you have to share headphones with others, you should be cleaned immediately before and after use. First wipe off the sticky dirt and ear feces residue, and then wipe the headset with a cotton swab or cotton ball dipped in sterile alcohol. But be careful not to damage the internal lines of the headset.