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On the use of Bluetooth headset, function, charging attention

Now because of the introduction of new regulations, Bluetooth headset is also slowly to a mass consumer goods on the steps, and perhaps many of us have not come into contact with this thing, will not operate to use, do not understand its function.

Completely release your hands, safe driving, starting from the use of Bluetooth headset, the following I share under their own understanding of this little knowledge, hoping to help the needs of friends!

1. Charging problem

We received a Bluetooth headset, usually under the boot test (the general headset comes with a part of the electricity there are some full of electricity), the first charge to ensure that about 2-4 hours in general this is conducive to battery life. You can follow the instructions after the normal charge, and generally 1-2 hours so that can be filled.

Headset, please turn off the charge; the general charge is bright red (different headphones different colors), full of electricity will turn green (also have become blue or white) or light is off, that is fully charged, pro, for the battery Longer life do not charge too long Oh!

2. Operation is used

General button on the headset has a multi-function answer key to turn on the key volume adjustment keys

1) does not have a separate key to open the headset, the answer key is a multi-function keys (multi-function keys to control the headset to answer and reject and switch machine)

General headset is used when the boot is paired mode, you can directly search for paired connections. If you can not search on the steps: long press the multi-function answer key headset lights will first flash blue light, hold the duration of 5-8 seconds or so will become red and blue lights alternately flash this is the headset pairing mode , You can search for a pairing connection; the pairing code is generally the default 0000.

2) have a Bluetooth key on the key

Due to different headset method is divided into two different operating methods

1. Turn on the switch (the headset will flash blue light), then press cheap beats headphones the answer key 5-8 seconds to the headset two colors of the lights flash alternately; follow and (1) the same ...

two. Press and hold the answer key without letting the head switch open the headset beats headphones cheap switch until the lights of the two colors flash alternately. Follow and (1) the same ...

3. The function of the Bluetooth headset on the market

Bluetooth headset phone can be used to connect the phone, the general Bluetooth phone can use Bluetooth headset, this you do not have to doubt that Bluetooth is compatible, common. And beats by dre sale the high version of Bluetooth is fully compatible with low-level Bluetooth, are backward compatible, so you do not have to worry about because the Bluetooth version of the problem can not be used.