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No wonder headset equal doping athletes like to listen to music before

Are you not also see the Olympic Games, there was a strange question. Why are swimmers engaged in a headset when they are listening to music or are they saying that beats headphones on sale headphones are waiting for rain doping? beats earbuds Today small take you to look at whether this is how. As a result, we have a question: why do you like to wear headphones before the game? British Brunel University, associate professor of sports psychology, Costa Rica Ogisi had a long study, he thought that wearing a headset is not In order to enjoy the cool, but to listen to music: "from the late 1970s, shortly after the Walkman, in the training and preparation period, with headphones and earphones to listen to music on the popular, we found that either before or during the game In the game, the music can really play a role, this is a kind of athletes to the legal doping! "Karaji Ogis said through the study, he found the music of the psychological characteristics of the different sound, the effect is different, Some music can be exciting, and some can be calm, and even affect the athletes to do the action is light, the perception of physical exertion, and even for the utilization of oxygen: "music can make our movement of each ring Coordinate, minimize ineffective or inefficient activities, and optimize the operation of our body. Karaji Ogis revealed that the current surprise The discovery is: "Music can enhance endurance athletes, helping them run more than 18% of the distance. "In addition to the experts, the coach also has its own unique view:" athletes like to wear headphones, in addition to relax, but also sound insulation, because the game is too noisy. "

If you want to be a champion, before the game, you have beats by dre studio to prepare at least a good headset! Want to have to wear the headphones champion, this "champion rule" is cheap beats by dre really strange, but according to science Experiments confirmed that before the game to listen to music, not only allows athletes to relax, but also allows athletes to quickly enter the state. Because when the headset off three minutes, the human hearing is more sensitive to the issue of guns to determine more accurate, that white is to make athletes more excited. The The People's brain is divided into multiple regions, and music in the transmission to the athlete's brain at the same time, will regulate the cerebral cortex neuronal activities to help achieve better results, it seems that the future of the Olympic Games even headphones have to be banned ... listen to the music anytime, anywhere, but players with headphones a bit difficult to understand. The original headset is a stimulant, that athletes do not eat stimulant drugs can seem very passionate. Xiaobian feel interesting is that looking at these players with headphones into the way, they feel like to play, the original has this effect, really did not think of it.