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Net sound from the choice of audio amplifier began

Power amplifier commonly known as "amplifiers" his role is to sound from the source or pre-amplifier weak signal amplification, to promote the speaker soundproof. A good set of sound system power amplifier contributed to the role.

In accordance with the use of different components, amplifier and "bile machine" [tube amplifier], "stone machine" [transistor amplifier], "IC amplifier" [IC amplifier]. In recent years due to new technology, the new concept in the use of the gallbladder, making the tube of this ancient vacuum device and shine, it is beautiful voice, so many friends bow down. Very experienced enthusiasts almost have one. "IC amplifier" because of his voice than the two power amplifier so in the HI-FI amplifier rarely see his shadow.

Amplifier can be roughly divided into three categories "professional amplifier" "civilian amplifier" "special power amplifier."

"Professional amplifier" is generally used for meetings, performances, hall, hall, field, hall of the public address. Design to output power, protection circuit perfect, good heat-based. Most of the "professional amplifier" sound for HI-FI playback, the sound dry hard intolerable.

"Civilian amplifier" detailed classification and "HI-FI amplifier" "AV amplifier" "KALAOK amplifier" and a variety of commonly used functions in one of the so-called "integrated amplifier."

"HI-FI amplifier" is our amplifier's amplifier, and its output power is generally mostly in the 2X150 watts below. Design to "sound beautiful, highly fidelity" for the purpose. A variety of high-tech embodied in this amplifier. Prices from more than beats by dre sale a thousand yuan to several hundred thousand dollars. "HI-FI amplifier" is divided into "split" [the pre-amplifier independent], and "merge" [the front and back into the machine]. In general, in the same grade of models, "split" in the signal to noise ratio, channel segmentation and other indicators higher than the "merger machine" [not]. And easy to sound through the signal line. Merging machine is easy to use, the relative cost of the advantages beats by dre on sale of low-cost combined machine output power are generally designed in the 2X100W the following, there are many manufacturers to produce more than 2X100W high-quality merger machine.

"AV amplifier" is a dark horse in recent years, with the big screen TV, a variety of image carrier popularity, people "sitting at home watching movies," the growing demand, so set a variety of audio and video functions in One of the multi-function amplifier came into being. "AV" is the English AODIOVIDIO that is the beginning of the audio, video acronym. "AV amplifier" from birth to the present, experienced Dolby surround, Dolby Pro Logic, AC-3, DTS process, AV amplifier and the difference between the ordinary amplifier, AV AV amplifier has selected Dolby directional logic decoder, AC-3, DTS decoder, and five-channel power amplifier. As well as the finishing touch of the digital sound field [DSP] circuit, for a variety of programs to play a different sound field effect. But because the AV power amplifier in the circuit of the signal flow, through too many and complex processing circuit, so that the purity of the sound "by too much" staining ", so AV power compatible with HI-FI playback effect is not Ideal. This is also a lot of HI-FI enthusiasts on the AV amplifier unscrupulous reasons.

"KALAOK amplifier" is also developed in recent years, a power amplifier. The difference between it and the general amplifier is that the "KALAOK amplifier" has a reverb from the past BBD analog reverberation to the present DIGETAL digital reverb], the tone, the microphone amplifier. In recent years, some manufacturers in order to market demand, including AV amplifier, KALAOK power amplifier, including a combination of various functions that the so-called "integrated amplifier", which is a hodgepodge amplifier, everything, what is not good, A resistance to the countryside.

"Special power amplifier" as the name suggests is the use of special occasions in the amplifier, such as alarm, car low-voltage amplifier and so on.

The main performance indicators of the amplifier

The main performance indicators of the amplifier are output power, frequency response, distortion, signal to noise ratio, output impedance, damping coefficient.

Output power: unit W, as the manufacturers of measurement methods are not the same, so there are some names called different names. Such as rated output power, greater output power, music output power, peak music output power.

Music power: refers to the output distortion does not exceed the specified value of the conditions, the amplifier on the music signal instantaneous large output power.

Peak power: refers to the distortion in the conditions, the amplifier will be adjusted to a beats earphones larger volume, the amplifier can output a larger music power.

Rated output power: The average output power when the harmonic distortion is 10%. Also known as the larger useful power. Generally speaking, the peak power is greater than the music power, music power is greater than the rated power, the general peak power is rated power of 5 - 8 times.

Frequency response: Indicates the frequency range of the amplifier, and the nonuniformity in the frequency range. The straightness of the frequency response curve is generally expressed in decibels [db]. Home HI-FI amplifier frequency response is generally 20HZ - 20KHZ positive and negative 1db. The wider the better range. Some high-quality amplifier frequency response has been done 0--100KHZ.

Distortion: the ideal amplifier should be the input signal amplification, no change in the faithful to restore it. However, due to various reasons after the amplifier amplified signal and the input signal compared to often produce varying degrees of distortion, the distortion is distortion. Expressed as a percentage, the smaller the value the better. The total distortion of the HI-FI amplifier is between 0.03% and 0.05%. The distortion of the amplifier is harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, cross distortion, clipping distortion, transient distortion, transient intermodulation distortion and so on.

Signal to noise ratio: refers to the amplifier output of the noise level and the signal level ratio, said db, the greater the value the better. General household HI-FI amplifier signal to noise ratio of 60db or more.

Output impedance: the equivalent resistance of the speaker, called the output impedance.

A performance of the amplifier does not necessarily prove that there is a good sound, which is the beginning of the friends must be aware of. This is also a lot of enthusiasts struggling to explore the pursuit. So for the amplifier, we have to understand more about the inherent ability to use the amplifier better.