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Make people and accompaniment beautiful fusion

How to make a good mix of vocal and accompaniment? This question is certainly not a matter of clarity. But today I want to beats earbuds share with you is a little trick, remove what we usually said to make different sounds between the factors of uncoordinated several reasons, there is a very easy to ignore the problem: the volume. The volume is important, and the volume between different instruments can help you convert your songs on different music devices. We often encounter a problem: with different headphones to listen to the same music, or from the home of the sound to get the car when the sound, as if some of the musical volume is not the same, and this time the most likely problem is people Sound, of course, the most can not go wrong is the voices.

One step: high volume state under the mixed voice

In the mix before the accompaniment of the basic completion of the accompaniment, beats earbuds this time the volume increased to almost your ears can accept the higher volume, the human voice thrown into the beginning of mixing, when all the effects of EQ compression and the like are After the completion of the sound volume to adjust to the appropriate state you feel (at this time the accompaniment volume has remained high).

Step 2: What should be?

you guessed right! And is the opposite of the practice, the volume down, overwhelming almost can not hear. how is it? Is not accompaniment without a voice can hear very clearly? Then put the voice down a little lower. On the contrary put the voices to mention cheap beats headphones a little.

These two steps back and forth more than a few times, your voice is basically and accompaniment beats by dr dre on a very good together, and I can assure you, do more such exercises, the need to repeat the number of these steps will be more The less.

There are two hope that we can remember:

First, the mix should have a favorite of your own Reference Track, it is better with you are mixed song style similar to a song, in the mixing process often listen to, will help you find some feel.

Second, in addition to the human voice, the other instruments are also used as much as possible to use the two steps to test the volume, but also can better monitor your own EQ and compression is done well, because the human ear in different volume will be taken Different information, so the volume conversion in the mix is ??a very important part.