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Lvshapel engineers talk about sound quality: headphones are not just sounders

On the sound quality of this problem, I believe everyone has their own answer, what is the sound quality? What is the sound quality? What kind of sound quality requirements? These questions are not everyone can answer.

What is the online excerpt of sound quality:

In the headphones of the various forums have some friends to discuss the sound quality of this topic, the answer can be described as strange, it actually shows that some of the poor friends. Previously in the field of speakers have had such a discussion, some people think that low-frequency good is really good, some people are scoffed, that analysis is good, that high-frequency is better ... ... that answer in the end what is it? The Now has a conclusion, what kind of voice is a good voice? China's electro-acoustic association's answer is: listen to, that is harmless sound.

So, to talk about sound quality, first of all to be clear that what kind of headphones can talk about sound quality. We buy headphones back, the ultimate goal is not to listen to music? If you buy something after listening to the ears feel almost finished, then also talk about what sound quality? As a headset, such things are unqualified, at best only a sound device.

Sound quality of the first, but also the most basic requirement is to listen to, if this thing intolerable, then this is a failure of their own works. Second, the sound quality is the quality of the sound. The ideal sound should be like this: high-frequency extension of the full amount of sense appropriate, overtone appropriate, slightly some burr, no teeth, with penetrating power; moderate frequency thick enough, good density, strong sense of human grain; Deep, the amount of foot, beats by dre studio good elasticity, speed, do not loose Three-frequency sense of the right allocation, smooth convergence, the sound field of the horizontal, depth and height of excellent, accurate sound positioning, rich sense of hierarchy, the details are good, the sound is weak by the air attenuation, can truly reflect the characteristics of the headset itself. But where does this headset look? Even if the price of up to 20 million of the big Austrian, can not do so much, the difference is that the shortcomings of these headphones is not very prominent. One is difficult to find the ear, which is a lot of high fever friends more and more silent reason, not more than a month of continuous listening, is unable to accurately evaluate a high-end headphones.

Its three sound style of misunderstanding, this phenomenon is common, some people like to have a dyed, some people like to restore a good, that good reason to restore good enough to say that like the dyed often dare not say that this is the wrong idea , The sound is only the sound of the dyeing, also known as the distortion of the sound, but the distortion is wrong? Now a lot of hardcore high fever have fever, in fact, they are not really fever, but they burn to another level - music, this is the real goal of headset enthusiasts.

How did the first start? An ear plug sounds very fun, so buy a thing, but after a while found something more good, it sounds more fun, buy ... ... so the cycle will be out of control, and thus a plant into the inside, While ignoring their own fundamental purpose. Most of the high-calorie people have been listening to these devices, and now began to get rid of some of the return to music, part of the study began to use the equipment and equipment development, so it is rarely seen ashes of high fever and then write to the evaluation of the class The

Can say beats by dre on sale so, the headset is for music and students! As long as the content of the music can be more fully expressed, it does not matter whether the sound or restore, because the sound and restore the dispute is only because of personal preferences and occur.

To sum up: the sound quality of the headset from low to high should have the characteristics of resistance - quality - music. If you have these things with these three points, congratulations, you got a good headset!

Lvshapel chief designer of the sound frequency given the standard:

The sound quality of the headset is standard, as the production of disc recording engineer, audio tuner, theater, stage audio tuner, the use of "monitor-level headphones" are a parallel audio scan curve, because the curve Flat tone more accurate, so the headset is also allocated to the above tuner used as a standard tuning with headphones. Not some people say "as long as you like it", such as a headset only focus on low frequency band, ignore the band and high frequency band, such a headset also said he was good, this is irresponsible company Will be introduced, they say that because foreigners like popular music, so this voice they can accept. This is simply the wrong children, chaos said a pass. Because there are a lot of popular music inside with RAP or HIP HOP, then the voice can hear clearly? Please you can listen to see.

If you want to ask which headphones sound quality is good, I can tell you very responsibly, that is, who can put from 20Hz ~ 20KHz a parallel audio scan curve to prove his headset frequency response is wide enough (from 1K to 20Hz, and 20KHz on both sides to see), the longer the parallel line, the wider beats by dre sale the frequency response, the better the degree of reduction, the better the above two, the closer the standard sound, in other words, the higher the degree of reduction, , Overtone can also be fully demonstrated, easier to play. Sound quality has been comparable, it will naturally be good, and vice versa is poor. And then can accommodate more categories of music. Unfortunately, in the market can not buy with a graph of the headset, so the mass of the sound of the sound of consumers there is no standard to follow, let the manufacturers beats by dre studio or agents blowing a pass.

The last warm tips like a good sound quality headset consumers, "is not a brand name to have a good sound quality headphones", there are many manufacturers have the ability to make better than the brand name sound quality headphones. In short, to buy a sound quality of the headset, to the manufacturers with random graph attached to the map, but also to ensure that the chart is definitely marked out the headset you buy the curve, it will allow you to not waste money, buy headphones no longer by virtue of a loud Of the brand awareness, but to value for money, buy a good headphones listening to the relaxed and happy.