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Long-term wear earphone will affect hearing it?

For modern people, the headset has become an essential "equipment", leisure, entertainment, learning are inseparable from it. But many people say that long-term wearing a chance to damage hearing, this argument is wrong? In fact, cheap beats by dre if the long time to wear headphones do not take off and the volume of the case, it will certainly have an impact on the hearing, the proposed small partners in the leisure and learning and other circumstances appropriate to use headphones to relieve stress, entertainment life. Doing so wear headphones will not affect our hearing. After the study found that the average age of about 23 years old subjects, the use of earbuds earphone 1 hour, 1-2.5 hours a day, there are significant differences in hearing. He suggested that the use of earbud headphones can lead to noise-induced cheap beats hearing loss, especially in the high-frequency region was significantly higher than the low-frequency region. The longer the earliest use of earbuds, the greater the degree of hearing loss. Remind you about what you have high tone tinnitus appears, it is recommended to use earbuds headphones do not long, high volume, to prevent hearing loss. In recent years, in some wearing headphones to listen to music young people in the hearing loss gradually increased. This is because people wear headphones, the external ear canal is tightly blocked by the headset.

High volume of audio sound pressure will be directly into the ear and damage hearing, resulting in a certain hearing damage. Long-term use of headphones to listen to music, hearing will appear fatigue, injury, the body will appear irritability, dizziness, and so the impact of hearing. So warm tips headset love a small partner, the appropriate use of headphones to relieve stress, entertainment life, do not fatigue Oh, so life is more quality, fun. Wearing headphones to listen to music, for the daily crowded public transport to get off work, the get out of class is a good way to send boring beats headphones time, neither affect others, but also entertain themselves. However, experts advise, long-term wear headphones, in particular, accustomed to large volume of songs will lead to progressive loss of hearing. Occurrence of dizziness, tinnitus, ear plug, or wearing headphones every day more than 3-4 hours, are hearing loss of high-risk groups. Amoy wins the technical staff suggested that the sound of wearing a headset is best not to exceed the player's highest volume of 2/3, each time to listen to 30-40 minutes, it is necessary to let the ears get enough rest.

First, wear headphones damage hearing is progressive, easily overlooked

"Long-term wear headphones will not only damage the hearing, and this damage is difficult to regenerate recovery." Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first affiliated hospital ENT Xu Huixian associate professor said, and other senses, ears have a special hearing " Ciliary cells in the cochlea. We are able to hear the sound, because the receptors are stimulated, cilia with the sound of vibration and swing.

Once the cilia swing too much, it is easy to damage bad hearing. Hear a big blasting sound, a long time to stay in karaoke OK room after a brief "deafness" is the reason. Although the headphones are not clearly aware of hearing changes, but this damage is progressive, and often overlooked. Excessive stimulation of cochlear cilia can lead to reduced sensitivity and long history of damage to hearing, "and this cochlear damage caused beats by dre sale by the perception of deafness is still a world problem, most of the irreversible.

Second, more than 85 decibels, cochlear cilia cells damaged

Of course, not all sounds can cause hearing damage. Xu Huixian said that the normal voice of the people speak in the 40-60 dB or so, the voice of the class is about 70 decibels, but listening to the headset when the volume is often going to more than 85 decibels (more than 85 dB damage the cochlea cilia cells). Especially in the noisy outdoor, public transport environment, the external environment noise is too large, want to hear the sound of headphones, it must improve the volume, is bound to bring too much stimulation of the cochlea.

It is recommended that many patients with hearing impairment in the customer service industry. As a single ear to stimulate the volume can not be adjusted, up to 8 hours a day to stimulate, a lot of customer service staff are heavy, tinnitus and other feelings, which is a manifestation of hearing impairment. She suggested that wearing the headphones to listen to the music volume to control the highest volume of 2/3 or less, try to debug with the usual voice of the sound is almost appropriate Adults wear headphones every day not more than 3-4 hours, minors do not exceed 1-2 hours a day, and each time wearing a headset 30-40 minutes, let the ears get enough rest.

Third, the ear headphones relatively safe

Need to wear long-term head of the crowd, it is recommended to choose Amoy wins this Apple ear earphones. Ear headphones sound contact area is small, the pressure inside the cochlea larger; pressure smaller, headphones using ergonomic design, wear more comfortable, the stimulation of cochlear cilia cells is relatively small, more secure!