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In-ear style earphone how to choose the best

I believe that everyone is familiar with the ear headphones, after all, now young people have several pairs of each other it But for earphones you beats earphones can know, do you know how it works? Know how it should be selected, if you do not know, let Xiaobian help you combing. Impedance: the lower the more easy to push, but the higher the more difficult to push, does not mean bad, but the sound quality has another new realm, need to use headphone expansion machine driver. So some audio and video magazines, describing the headset, will first describe the feeling of iPod listening, and then plug in the ear expansion to be a professional comment, the general iPod or portable MP3 player with earbud headphones, most of the impedance 14 ~ 17 around the frequency response: the frequency response refers to the frequency range of the headphones sound, so we can see the value at both ends, probably guess this headset in that band darker, the human ear frequency range 18Hz ~ 20kHz moving iron headphones Has a well-structured connecting rod through which vibrations can be conducted to the midpoint of the micro-diaphragm to make it sound. Moving headphones are headphones that can be easily placed in the ear canal because of their small size, often with a relatively soft silicone sleeve

The drive unit of the magnetic headset corresponds to a smaller planar speaker, which embeds the flat voice beats solo coil into the film so that the distribution of the driving force is uniform, the magnet is located on one or both sides of the diaphragm, and the diaphragm vibrates in the magnetic field. This type of headphones should not drive, the efficiency of the power of the headphones static headphones of the diaphragm light and thin, by the high DC voltage to its polarization (by the battery or by the AC conversion of energy), diaphragm located in the electrostatic field (by two Fixed metal plate). Electrostatic headphones work mainly for the use of the amplifier to amplify the audio signal to hundreds of volts of voltage signals to drive diaphragm vibration sound. This kind of headset reaction speed, low distortion through the small series of detailed explanation, you can now understand the working principle of the ear headphones and how to choose it? Understand, you will know how to use the least money to buy a Good quality cheap beats by dr dre in-ear headphones.