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How to use the headphones correctly to listen to music to enjoy music protection ears

Listen to music, was originally a kind of enjoyment, but in daily life, the incorrect way to listen, not only can not bring us to enjoy, but become a kind of torture. Headphones, headaches, tinnitus, or even severe damage to the hearing is not no, then we should listen to music at the same time, how to reduce or prevent such a situation occurred? The most important thing is that we have to beats headphones develop the correct listening Habits, can prevent or reduce the headset caused by headaches or physical discomfort and so on. In order to avoid excessive stimulation of the ear, damage hearing, try to tune the sound to 40 to 60 dB (the general conversation or slightly smaller). The ear volume is smaller than the headset, because the in-ear style earphone is directly into the ear, the sound signal than other headphones can be about 9 dB higher. It is best to feel comfortable and pleasant, not to pursue excessive strong rhythm, because once the sound more than 85-90 dB that is beyond the national noise protection standards, are regarded as noise, such a concert will let the ear feel is a pleasure What? Listening time should not be too long. A long time to listen to music, will cause hearing fatigue. The right way is to listen to every half an hour or so, remove the headset to rest for a while, not more than an hour. And then you can often do ear exercises, such as pulling earlobe, stroking the ear bone, so that the ears get relaxed and rest.

When sleeping, do not wear headphones to sleep. Due to the impact of sleeping posture, it is inevitable through the pillow on the ear pressure, which caused physical damage to the eardrum, the damage to the ears more obvious. There may be damaged beloved headphones, leading to poor contact with the crisis, wire damage occurred. When out, in a noisy environment, it is best not to listen to music. Most of the friends in the noisy environment to listen to music will be a great volume, with the headset to cover the volume of the volume of noise. The last noise is isolated, but if the ride, cycling, walking, etc., you can hear the voice of the outside world? This will easily lead to the occurrence of security incidents, eardrum injury is small, life is big The

In addition to the correct listening habits, there are some small ways to reduce the headset listening pressure, improve hearing loss.

Often see a lot of young people listening to music, while listening to music while chewing gum. Studies have said that while wearing a headset to listen to music while chewing food, can ease the pressure of the middle ear and the outside world, because the outer ear canal is the front wall of the temporomandibular joint, and people wearing a headset to listen to music when chewing things, the temporomandibular joint will pull Ears, so that earphones headphones into the ears of the volume of leakage, the formation of leakage, so the sound pressure within the inner ear will be reduced by 1 to 3 dB, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the eardrum. So, wearing a headset to listen to music when chewing gum can protect the hearing. In order to enjoy the music, in addition to the subjective health of the use of headphones, the objective is to choose good quality, small noise, the volume can be free and flexible control and wear comfortable headphones, or no matter how good we do protective measures are no good. Because the external factor is that we can not change.