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How to use the headphones better to protect your hearing

Recently found a lot of friends for the rational use of headphones, and hearing protection, still has no small errors, so send this article, I hope everyone in the appreciation of music at the same time, but also to protect the hearing. The volume of beats by dr dre songs should not be too large

On the volume of music is also a clich, a lot of new people like to listen to the volume is too high, hoping to achieve it or KTV that shock, it is absolutely not because the headset from the eardrum closer (especially the ear Earbuds), the hearing system is more likely to fatigue, cheap beats by dr dre serious will lead to permanent damage (such a lot of events, casually there are many under the mother). For me personally, the average player and the phone's volume is generally only open between 30% to 50%, even if the headphones sound is beats by dre on sale not driven, I will not increase the volume, so as not to cause damage to the hearing.

2. Do not use headphones for a long time

Listening to the headset is a normal thing, because the headset can shield the external interference, can have a relatively quiet environment to enjoy music, and will not limit the scope of human activities. But the human hearing system and the visual system is the same need to rest, the eyes can be through the blink of an eye to rest, and the ear needs a relatively quiet environment to rest. Whether it is music or noise, the auditory system is the same, is a kind of energy, will let the auditory system into the working state, so personally suggested that even if the song is not continuous for too long, generally about 1 hour for the best The

3. When using sound effects bad headphones, in noisy environment, do not increase the volume

Some open earbuds and headphones are not designed for outdoor use, so the outdoor sound insulation is not very good, but some friends like to compare the noisy environment to increase the volume to cover the surrounding noise, in fact, this method is Very wrong.

In fact, many people use the phone to listen to songs in the outdoors, have the volume to the maximum habit, especially the iPhone users, because they use the apple Pei - "white" are open beats headphones earplugs, sound effects are very general, volume It is very wrong to be able to hear the music.

4. Regularly clean ear earphones

Ear ear plugs because of direct insertion into the ear canal, easy to bring the bacteria into the ear canal, so it should be ground clean, silicone sleeve is best to regularly with alcohol disinfection, Compl sets of the best regular replacement, but also try not to cross with others Earplugs.

In summary, as long as a reasonable choice and use of headphones, and will not affect the hearing, but also in a noisy environment, but also effective protection of hearing. I hope that some of these personal love listening to the experience and insights, can help everyone