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How to summarize a variety of charging lines, headset line?

You can use the fish bone winder, the line around the circle in their favorite way around the head, head and fish tail put head and tail, positive and negative can. When the head and tail of the line to stay out for a convenient use. Usually pay attention to the collection of binding line (wire tie), the wire wrapped around the wrist gently, then beats by dre studio slowly wrist out, with the tie line will be wrapped around the coil after the bundle. As the wire within the wire can be easily bent, and not easy to deformation, durable. Use a self-styled bag for dressing. Select the appropriate size of the bag size, the bundled or rolled line into the self-styled bag, close the interface and placed in the induction box after the spare. beats headphones Conditional words can also be purchased directly from the winding function of the telescopic data cable.

Finally, in general, most of the line is chaotic is basically a word, lazy. After the use of beats headphones cheap free to put more and more finally wrapped together. But the most convenient or directly on the Internet to buy it, but also convenient and delicate. For example, there are simple leather data cable feeder, solid wood desktop holder, headset winding box, high-level plug-in power cord finishing box, luxury version is the digital accessories package. If you do not want to spend money to organize the beats solo data lines, hands-on ability of students, you can read the products you want to buy, play their own imagination, DIY homemade data line storage tools, shoebox, wooden box can be a good helper for your line