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How to identify a good beats by dre cheap headset

The advantages and disadvantages of a headset is not an external factor can decide, some materials and the use of a structure does not represent anything, excellent headset design is modern electro-acoustic materials science, ergonomics and sound aesthetics of the perfect combination The For a headset evaluation we need to undergo an objective test and subjective listening before they can draw conclusions. Headset objective tests include frequency response curve, impedance curve, square wave test, intermodulation distortion and so on. Impedance curve, square wave test, intermodulation distortion and so on.

Today, we only explore the subjective listening evaluation of the headset, which is the necessary step in our choice of headphones.

To correctly evaluate the sound of the headset first to understand the characteristics of headphones sound. Headphones can not match the advantages of the speaker, phase distortion is small, wide frequency response, transient response is good, rich in detail, can restore a delicate vivid sound. But the headset has two shortcomings, it is accurate that this is the two features of the headset, they are relative to the physical location of the headset determined.

The first feature is: headphones "head effect".

Headphones to create the acoustic environment is not natural, natural sound waves with the human head and ears after the interaction into the ear canal, headphones sound directly into the ear canal; and the record is mostly for the speaker weight Put the production, the sound is located in the two speakers even

Wiring, for these two reasons we will use the headset will feel the sound formed in the head, listening to the sense of nature, easy to cause fatigue. Headphones "head effect"

Can be improved by using a special physical structure, sound field beats earbuds simulation software and hardware in the market there are many.

The second feature is: the low frequency of the headset.

Lower frequency (40Hz-20Hz) and ultra-low frequency (20Hz or less) is through the body perception, the human ear is not sensitive to these bands. Headphones can be perfect to reproduce this low frequency, but because the body can not feel the low frequency, people will feel that the lack of low-headphones.

Since the headset listening mode and the speaker is different, headphones on the sound of the balance there is a unique way. The high-frequency headphones are generally improved, so give a rich sense of sound balance of the feeling; a low-frequency completely flat headphones tend to make people feel low frequency, the sound slim, appropriate to improve the low frequency is often used as a means of headphones, This can make the headphones sound full, low frequency dive deep. The most common use of this means is cheap beats by dre the light headphones and earplugs, their diaphragm area is small can not play a deep low frequency, by raising the low frequency of the middle (80Hz-40Hz) can get a satisfactory low-frequency effect.

The real sound is not necessarily good, these two methods in the headset design is effective, but too much, if the excessive increase in high frequency and low frequency will destroy the sense of balance of sound, stimulating sound easily lead to fatigue. IF for the headset is a sensitive area, where the music is the most abundant information, but also the ear the most sensitive place. Headphones designed to treat the frequency is cautious, some low-end headphones its frequency response range is limited, but by lifting the upper and lower sections of the band to get bright and sharp sound and turbidity, the intensity of the sound, resulting in high and low frequency good illusion, long time Listen to this headset, will feel dull.

Excellent headphone sound should have the following characteristics:

First, the sound of pure, without any unpleasant "cries", "Om", "coax" sound.

Second, a sense of balance, the sound is never too bright or too dark, high-frequency low-frequency energy distribution evenly, the natural fusion between the band smooth, no abrupt and burr.

Third, the high frequency extension is good, delicate and supple.

Four, low-frequency dive deep, clean and full, full of flexibility and strength, without any fat, slow feeling.

Fifth, the frequency of distortion is very small, transparent and warm, vivid and natural, there is thickness, magnetic, not exaggerated teeth and nasal sounds.

Six, good resolution, rich details, small signal can also be a clear replay.

Seven, a good sound field characterization, sound field is open, instrument positioning accurate and stable, sound beats headphones cheap field has enough information, no empty feeling.

Eight, dynamic no obvious compression, with a good sense of speed, large volume without distortion or distortion is very small.

Such a headset can be more perfect to reproduce any type of music, have a good sense of truth and music, long-term use will not cause fatigue, can make the listener immersed in music.

2. Sound system playback sound range can generally be divided into subwoofer, bass, bass, midrange, treble, treble, high