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How does a headset show a multi-level music through a layer of film?

We have not thought about such a problem: the head unit diaphragm only one layer, but brought us is a variety of auditory feelings. At the same time the sound of the distance and so on, but also to show a different tone, it allows us to distinguish the sound of different objects issued. How is this done in the end? In principle, the speaker unit beats by dre is roughly composed of permanent magnets, voice coil and diaphragm. Voice coil to adjust the coil current according to the size of the sound, resulting in permanent magnet to produce different electromagnetic fields, and then drive the diaphragm to produce different amplitude and deformation of the vibration, and ultimately drive the surrounding air to pass the sound According to Huygens - Fresnel principle, Source can simulate a complete sound field. And our ears of the eardrum, with the headphones of the diaphragm will simulate a sound field. The headset converts the electrical signal into vibrations of the diaphragm and finally produces a mechanical wave that goes directly to the eardrum.

The better the headphones to simulate the sound field is more accurate, able to resolve a variety of information, such as the positioning of various instruments, a variety of vocals in singing lyrics. And finally through the beats earphones eardrum to reach our brains, so we can hear so many levels, so vivid music, not only because the headset, and our ears. It is not difficult to emit a lot of sound through a diaphragm, but it is difficult to reproduce all the sounds perfectly at the same time, and the sounds are correct. The diaphragm of the earphone is usually very light, very thin, with hardness, so it can be driven by low-power voice coil at the same time, but also can withstand the frequency of the sound to make the deformation of the diaphragm, at the same time issued a lot of sound The But the head of the diaphragm is divided into inner and outer ring. High-frequency strong vibration to drive the inner ring, the middle of the vibration to drive the outer ring, inner ring and outer ring common vibration stroke makes low-frequency access to the amount of sense, beats headphones cheap in order to achieve the frequency of the three frequencies, but the limitations of the inner and outer membrane diaphragm will produce division movement. The so-called diaphragm vibration, refers to the various parts of the diaphragm will be responsible for the reproduction of different frequencies of sound. For example, we received a pot of water, to be the water is prohibited when the basin, we dropper in the middle of the basin with a drop of water, and then will find the water waves spread to the cheap beats by dre surrounding, very uniform ripple. But when the water spread to the basin when the time will be bounced back, the rebound will come back to the waves will continue to spread evenly ripple.

If the dropper continues to rhythm to the central position of the drop of water droplets, will stir up waves of ripples, and then produce waves of reflected waves, the ripples interfere with each other, the whole surface will be active, before The ripples are not so clear. Similarly, the voice coil of the headset power, into the electromagnet, and the permanent magnet to produce force, continuous drive diaphragm sound. This process can not be regarded as a simple piston movement, the diaphragm is not a complete rigid body, when the movement itself will be the same as the water surface deformation. Waveform along the voice coil and diaphragm adhesion to the surrounding and the front of the spread, encounter folding ring, the wave will be reflected back, and thus interfere with other waveforms. And then sustained vibration led to uneven diaphragm force, the formation of unpredictable deformation. Although the split vibration can not be eliminated, the negative effect can be reduced.

So, to achieve the sound of the headset is very simple, but at the same time to achieve the sound of the three elements of tone, loudness, sound, not with random material and vibration can reproduce the way. It was justified that we could not knock out the piano and the guitar's voice as we knocked the pot. After all, different headphones speaker resolution of the high and low points, there are full and non-full frequency of the points.