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Headset to buy the six traps to understand the headset to buy Raiders to share

Now most of the young friends like to wear headphones, the following options on the choice of headphones a few suggestions: hope to buy headphones as a reference.

Headset to buy the six traps

Trap 1: Frequency response range

Frequency response range, full name frequency response range, also known as frequency characteristics. Human hearing, in fact, the tympanic membrane of the vibration of the vibration, resulting in forced vibration (resonance) and feel, the maximum theoretical hearing is 20Hz ~ 20000Hz range, higher than this range is called ultrasound, Low is called infrasound, more is relying on tactile feel, rather than hearing.

International Electrotechnical Commission IEC581-10 standard, high-fidelity headphones frequency response range can not be less than 50Hz-12500Hz, but the current market sales of headphones generally nominal frequency range of 20Hz ~ 20000Hz. Why many different products, not the same unit, the performance parameters even the same? The human ear can identify the frequency range is exactly equal to 20Hz ~ 20000Hz. Below the sound of this band, kittens and puppies can Xin to, but people can only feel through the body feel; and higher than the frequency of the band, I am afraid that only the bat can hear.

At present, many high-end headphones nominal their frequency response width of 20Hz ~ 20000Hz, even worse nominal 5Hz ~ 50000Hz. It is worth noting that this is due to the limited frequency of the frequency of the standard caused by different manufacturers like the output amplitude is reduced by 1/2 as the standard frequency response width, that is to -3dB (decibels) as the standard , But some products are measured in -lOdB (decibels) as a beats headphones standard, which is equal to less than the normal value of a standard 6 to measure the following standard, so the frequency is wide widening is widened.

Frequency response range is very important, but not everyone imagined so important. When we buy headphones, there is no need to pay too much attention to this parameter, it can explain a certain problem (manufacturers rely on the development of the headset market positioning, high-end products better than the low-order too normal), but can not explain all the problems, to determine The advantages and disadvantages of headphones and the selection of the product as a criterion is not desirable.

Trap II: Impedance

Impedance for headphones, is the abbreviation of headphone AC impedance. Different headphones are used in different occasions, in the mixer and other professional equipment, commonly used to high-impedance headphones, usually headphone impedance will be more than 2000, which is in line with the professional equipment headphone jack match. For a variety of portable players, such as CD, MD or MP3, generally use low-impedance headphones.

High-impedance headphones in the most famous should be listed in 2005 AKG 240 series, K240M impedance reached 600Q. Why does a headset get such a high impedance? The answer is different, but the most likely one is that the output impedance of the amplifier is high according to the environment at the time (basically the tube amplifier), so the system with the headset has a low damping coefficient (the larger the coefficient Help to improve the power amplifier on the unit control). In the circuit design is not a big improvement in the premise of space, you have to design a higher headphone impedance to improve the damping coefficient. So the low impedance and headset is not a fundamental link, so the design is completely based on the front-end audio source to choose the environment. Now catch 100Q the following high-end headphones everywhere, may not be professional.

Headphone impedance parameters can basically be said that the headset is good or bad i this parameter is important, but should be with your audio equipment to see with reference. If you use the transistor amp or MP3, mobile phones, etc., low-resistance headphones purely theoretical should be better (not absolute, or have to see the actual situation, so to listen to real). If you are on the tube, the high-impedance headphones may have better control.

Trap three: sensitivity

As important as the impedance is the sensitivity, the author often with the impedance at the same time as a study parameters, to compare headset products and amp with the problem.

Sensitivity refers to the headset to impose a certain input power, in front of the speaker is a certain distance can produce cattle / b network sound pressure letter. That is, in the case of the same no matter, the input power required by the sound source. Users in the same sound like the case, the higher the sensitivity of the headset, the sound source required to enter the smaller power.

Some profiteers say "the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to drive the headset." Really? I am afraid it may not be enough l headphones is difficult to do, and the speaker is a reason. Assuming the impedance of the unit is constant, then everything is simple, sounds loud enough, even if it can be promoted. But the unit at different frequencies of the impedance is not necessarily!

Although the sensitivity is also an important reference indicator, but the audio product threshold is low, it is difficult to do well. At present, the more feasible approach, one by a number of parameters to consider; another method is still the ear is real. cheap beats by dre After all, ears will not lie to you.

Trap four: import brand

From the appearance to determine the quality of products, in some cases is also feasible, but the ability to judge a higher demand. Better headphones look smooth, fine workmanship, feel good, should not have the kind of poor quality of the use of poor quality plastic. In addition, the headset wire diameter is thick, soft not hard. The plug requirements specification neat no burr, smooth and uniform coating.

In addition, it is recommended that you go to the regular business to buy, start the product after more learning experience, because the big brand of headphones are not necessarily all good, look at the headset evaluation articles, look at the evaluation of articles to see shortcomings, and test environment, and Do not blindly see the advantages, fully prepared and then buy is a good idea.

Buy earplugs, try to bring their usual to hear more, more familiar with the music, do not blindly superstition "saliva dish. Although the sound of the first-class sound, but are specially landscaping, such as the human voice particularly rounded, Or low-frequency powerful, very impact, which is easy to create a false impression that this beautification of the sound of the headset is the characteristics of this headset, which cover some of the shortcomings of headphones; Moreover, the main purpose for the purchase of headphones Enjoy the music, with their familiar record easier to understand the characteristics of the headset, easier to choose their own headphones.

Trap five: ear ear plug must be good

Ear ear plugs can create their own music space in the outdoors, but it really as some rape or pseudo-enthusiasts say so good?

The typical argument is, "ear plug injury does not hurt the ear and sound pressure value only! Popular point that is the sound size l big sound sure to hurt the ear" ear ear plug isolated noise, so the volume can be small, than non-ear ear Of the damage to small. "

Ear ear plugs the sound of the outside world, but also the sound of the ear canal isolated, the reason to hear the sound feel big, it is because the sound waves in the ear canal mixed. It is difficult to prove that the leaky non-ear earplugs reach the eardrum when the sound pressure value will be higher than the ear ear.

In addition, the author believes that ear ear plugs manufacturers are hype a gimmick, although it has its great practical value, but too much hype can cause ear ear plugs relative to ordinary earplugs with inherent advantages of the illusion. In fact, ear ear plugs also have its inherent disadvantages, a lot of entry-level ear products have auscultation effect of blood, go out when the bumps in the inevitable, then the friction of the wire sound of the sound is not very good.

Here is not to say that ear ear or ear ear ear who is better quality, because the sound quality is excellent and its structure is not necessarily linked. The quality of the classic non-ear earplugs is no worse than the current price of ear earphones, and the higher order ear earplugs are also excellent in their excellent overall design and good material.

I think that whether to buy ear earplugs depends entirely on your needs, if you really want to isolate external interference (such as telephone plug). So ear ear plug is indeed very valuable to buy. Of course, there is a need to consider the point of security. Assuming crossing the road, the association can not hear the car whistle, or work can not hear the call of the call, the consequences are very serious.

Trap six: the sale of the package, so cheap

In all fairness, the package is not always defective, but also have a good, but have a pair of fire eyes can be resolved, whether to seek cheap to buy workers, to see if you have the ability to distinguish.

With the factory products, there are real, there are false.

So many of the "Gongbao" products, such as many small brands of MP3 "work package" is where to 9 in Guangdong and Jiangsu electronic production base, the appearance of many of its small factory imitation ability far beyond our imagination The When you read the Shenzhen, Dongguan and Shunde and other local newspapers on the small ads, will really understand why China will become the world's fake capital. Of course, sometimes there are some genuine products from the production line or channel outflow, but these components are far from the market can not meet the huge "package" share.

In short, the package may indeed be genuine, but for the public, the risk of buying a package is not small.

Precautions for purchasing headphones

1. type

What type of choice can be based on your needs and economic capacity to consider. In general, the electric headphones with stable sound quality, simple structure, cheap features, suitable for the general selection; and capacitive headphones, with good sound quality, bandwidth characteristics, but the price is higher, suitable for enthusiasts use The

2. shape

Because a long time to wear, requiring headphones should have a very soft and comfortable ear pads and the pressure is very small head ring. As for the choice of earplugs or optional cover type, depending on the specific circumstances, the total can not be hot days with a large all-inclusive headphones beats earphones cover your ears in it

3. Indicators

Can understand the specifications under its instructions, generally require its minimum to achieve, 20-20KHz frequency range, greater than 94db / mW sensitivity, greater than 100mW maximum power, less than 0.5% of the harmonic distortion and so on. If you can not meet the above requirements, or the best not to buy.

4. appearance

Judging from the appearance, more authentic headphones look smooth, fine workmanship, feel good, should not have the kind of poor quality of the use of low-quality plastic. In addition, the headphones should be thick wire diameter, soft not hard. The plug requirements to regulate the whole neat layer, smooth and uniform coating.

5. Listen

Above that so much, but the most important thing is to personally listen to, this is the most critical link. Audition, try to use a good source of the program to listen beats by dre wireless to, do not use the kind of poor sound source, because it is not heard of the pros and cons, pay attention to this point, the author will not say more, the specific circumstances only With your ears carefully to listen to, I can not help you to listen to, who is superior who is bad, one will know.

Terms and Conditions

Headphones to buy back, the use of headphones are also learned, if the use of improper headphones are also easy to damage. Should pay attention to the following points:

1. Headphone plug should be on the computer with the size of the headphone jack diameter and length commensurate, and the headset should be inserted in the computer to provide headphones dedicated jack, do not plug the wrong, so as not to damage the headset.

2. Headphones generally marked L [LEET] and R left and right channel words to distinguish between left and right, if no, according to the headset wire color to distinguish, generally yellow for the left channel, red for the right channel.

3. When listening with the headphones, the volume should be small to large, do not suddenly make the volume a lot, so as not to damage the headset.

4. Headset in the place to avoid contact with the strong magnets, so as not to make the head of the permanent magnet demagnetization, so that the sensitivity of the headset.

5. After a period of use, the ear pads should be cleaned. Polyester foam ear pads can be gently washed with neutral soapy water or detergent, plastic or leather ear pads can be wet cloth dipped in soap powder wipe, do not wash directly with water.