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Headset according to what degree of openness classification

Headset according to the degree of openness is divided into open, semi-open, closed three:

Open headphones are now more popular headphones style. Open headphones are made through the use of sponge-like microporous foam plastic making sound ear pads. Its small size, comfortable to wear, do not use heavy dye pad, so there is no isolation with the outside world, the sound will leak, and vice versa can also hear the voice of the outside world. If the high degree of open headphones can hear the sound of the other side of the unit, and the formation of a certain feedback, so that a sense of natural. But its low-frequency loss is large, it was also said that its low frequency accurate. Open headphones usually feel natural, comfortable to wear, mostly for home appreciation HIFI headphones. beats headphones on sale Semi-open headphones are a new headset that combines the advantages of both closed and open headphones. The semi-open headphones feature a multi-diaphragm construction with a number of passive passive resistors in addition to an active cheap beats by dr dre active diaphragm. With a low frequency to describe the fullness of the rich, high-frequency description of bright and natural, clear level and many other features, and now many of the higher grades of headphones is widely used in this headset.

A closed headset wraps your ear through its own soft sound pad to cover it completely. Such headphones because of a large sound pad, so the head is also larger, but with the sound pad can be used in a noisy environment without cheap beats by dre being affected. Earmuffs are more oppressive to the ears to prevent sound from entering and leaving, the sound is clearly positioned, and there is beats by dre a drawback in the field of professional surveillance. However, there is a drawback that the headphones have a drawback that the bass is serious and the W100 is an obvious example.