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Headphones three learning: large voice coil, split distortion and sensitivity

Headphones are also becoming an important member of everyday hardware devices, such as large voice coil, ultra-thin diaphragm, long stroke, such propaganda in the headset cheap beats headphones advertising and publicity is not uncommon, but the big voice coil, , For the sound quality of the headset really how much help? From the power and reliability point of view, the big voice coil does have its benefits, after all, the voice coil in the increase, the surface area increases, it is equivalent to its cooling area increases, which is conducive to the headset to withstand greater power As for the damage. That in terms of sound quality, it seems that the only explanation is that with the voice coil increases, the headphones used by the magnets must also be increased, which will help increase the magnetic field of the magnet, so that voice coil control to enhance sound quality.

It is because the big voice coil has such an advantage, therefore, those who seek sound quality headphones, mostly using a large voice coil design, and even in the earplugs products, increase the voice coil to enhance the headset sound quality and control, A design trend, the voice coil diameter is very large, almost half the diaphragm diameter, which is good for sound quality protection.

But is this all the big circle of the advantages? Obviously not, in fact, the big voice coil on the reduction of vibration is very good, then, what is the vibration of the split? We know that the headset at work, is to rely on the voice coil in the magnetic field movement, and then push the diaphragm to make the sound, if the diaphragm has the desired strength, will not be deformed in the vibration, it will not be any problems, The situation is that the existing material does not provide the desired strength, especially for the headset, in order to ensure its performance at a small volume, its diaphragm to be as thin as possible, so even if the diaphragm has a stiffener, it still can not To ensure adequate rigidity and strength.

Split distortion, diaphragm spear and shield

What is the situation with insufficient strength of the diaphragm at work? That is, when the voice coil starts to vibrate, only the diaphragm around the voice coil to move, so that the diaphragm from the voice coil position to the edge of the diaphragm, it takes a certain time, which makes the diaphragm vibration is not the same , Plus the voice coil is still non-stop movement, trigger the next vibration, so that a variety of vibration are superimposed on the diaphragm, so that seemingly flat diaphragm in different regions of different vibrations, which is split distortion. This is some difficult to understand the words, but it does not matter, you think about the ripples of water, when we throw a stone to the water, the ripples will be scattered expansion, yes, this is the state of the headset diaphragm.

Diaphragm vibration, such a split distortion will naturally have a great impact on the sound quality, so that the details of the music is lost, and produce confusion, therefore, to improve the strength of the diaphragm, so that the diaphragm in the voice coil, as far as possible as a whole Shake up, it becomes the main way to reduce the distortion of the division. Therefore, in the Edifier H850 diaphragm, we can see the surface of the diaphragm has a fine embossed, which is equivalent to the diaphragm in the radial reinforcement, so that the voice coil vibration can be quickly passed to the whole On the diaphragm. At the same time, in the diaphragm surface, also coated with a layer of pure tone coating, this coating can greatly enhance the rigidity of the diaphragm, so that the diaphragm hardness and strength greatly increased, to reduce the distortion is also very good.

Of course, in addition to improving the strength of the diaphragm, the use of large voice coil is also a better solution, after all, if the voice coil is small, the diaphragm drive position and diaphragm edge distance, so that the vibration transmission speed will slow down, The split vibration of the headset and the distortion caused by the increase will further increase. With the increase of the voice coil, not only will shorten the voice coil to the diaphragm edge fixed point area, at the same time, the big voice coil and diaphragm contact point will increase, which is conducive to the diaphragm as a whole vibration up, The vibration caused by its split vibration will naturally greatly reduce.