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Headphones regularly clean, give the ears a pure sound quality!

As a favorite person listening to music, how can we not understand the correct maintenance of headphones? For the maintenance of headphones for health and headset sound quality has a very good protection. If you still do not know how to maintain the headset, then you can look at this article. Maybe you can help keep your headphones. It is important to be aware of the use of headphones. Even some basic protective measures can affect the life of the headset, such as to avoid the use of high temperature or low temperature, do not pull the headline directly to pull out. Remember, headphones are not as durable as you want.

If your headphones are worth a lot of money, you should pay special attention to protection. Dr. Dre reminds us that headphones should avoid contact with liquids or high humidity environments, as this will affect sensitive electronic components in the headphones. Also worth noting is that you should try to choose the earbuds best suited to the size of the ear canal, to a greater extent to avoid extrusion and push and pull. Bose's advice in this regard is that the user should regularly check into the ash and damage. After each long period of use, you should have a quick cleaning of the headset. Some of the headphones are supported to replace part of the components, and if these parts beats earphones are damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible. In the clean headphones above, a soft cloth, a little warm water, or then point the soap is completely enough. But the amount of water and soap to be extra careful, you should try to avoid water or soap into the headphones inside the head.

If it is cleaning the soft cloth can not touch the groove, a dry toothbrush can provide great help. For those areas where stains are particularly stubborn, you can use cotton swabs or toothpicks for cleaning. As for the headset line, as long as the regular wipe look like, after all, this part of the cleaning is much simpler. But for headphones plug, you still need to pay special attention to prevent future adverse contact situation. The following are the same as the "

You should store the headphones in a clean, dry area, if possible, pack or bag them. Similarly, the area where the headphones are stored also need to keep the temperature of the matter too high or too low. If the headset can be folded, you should follow the official guidelines to reduce wear when not in use. Better protection of the headset is not a difficult thing, it will not take up too much of your time, but it can bring long-term effect is obvious. So after reading this article, we may wish to use in the future more attention to the protection of headphones. The following are the same as the "

The use of headphones when the bend, there are improper use of oil can cause damage to the computer phone, so the right to maintain a small coup headphones to protect the headset sound quality is not destroyed, but also extend the life of the computer phone.