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Headphones for the line is not just "metaphysics", but the upgrade will be a problem

In the audio equipment, many of the "metaphysical" link, there are always many are often mentioned. Whether it is a big speaker or a small headset, there is a ring, whether it is high fever players or entry white are concerned, that is, "wire problem." Although the ear headphones now have a "change, such as replacement," the argument, but more people are concerned about the wire or for the sound changes. In the discussion of the headset related forum, we can still see a lot of friends in the discussion of their own headset to bring the sound changes. Of course, there will be a lot of friends scoffed at it, to superficial theory to claim "for the line useless", that these friends who are dedicated to change the line are useless work. In fact, from the structure, the wire for the sound or will have a certain impact. Our common headset wire is made of copper or silver-plated copper wire, in the more advanced wire there are mixed techniques. Different materials and the preparation of the entire cable, shielding process, different processes will lead to different characteristics of the wire resistance and transmission characteristics, the final sound of course, is not the same. Give a relatively simple example to illustrate the different materials, the length of the actual line of the entire line of the impedance and filtering properties will have a "big and small" effect. At the same time, because most of the ear headphones are high sensitivity, low distortion of the speaker, so the purity of the wire, the crystallization rate of this weak current transmission of audio have a significant impact. If you use too thin wire, due to large internal resistance, will lead to more output power loss in the wire resistance. But the beats by dre sale use of coarser wire, the cost is also a problem. So the wire material selection and structure, in fact, is a knowledge.

Then it is not every so-called "upgrade line", are able to reasonably take into account the material and production process for the sound style of the impact. In the years of playing machine experience inside, the old bear also heard a lot of damage to the three lines of wire matching. They are beats by dre either the pursuit of one-sided link beats headphones on sale to enhance the sacrifice of the whole sound, or is not to enhance the sound, but let the sound become worse. May feel "for the line useless" friends, do have experienced a lot of these cases it Then the other point of view, some of the big brand manufacturers to provide their own official upgrade line, whether it will be the hard power of the headset itself to beats by dre enhance it? Yes, yes, the headset line on our body adaptation problem. My friend in the old iron to upgrade the official line after a period of time, the location of the ear appeared allergic swelling of the situation, but fortunately did not cause further impact. The official upgrade line will not only change the sound, but also on the human body have more intense "change" it? To this end, the old Baidu Baidu online whether there is the same type of situation, the results did not expect the old iron home other types of wire there are many people react to the existence of "allergy" problem.