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Headphones, high technology can do what article?

Ear-wear or ear-piercing devices are similar in appearance to existing audio accessories such as earplugs and headphones. At present, electronic products are moving in the direction of miniaturization and wireless networking, which means that these devices will soon break their connection with the smart phone, relying entirely on their own with news, entertainment and other users Link up.

As with other wearable equipment, ear-piercing equipment must also be attached to the body. But I dare say that ear-wearing devices have more market potential than other wearable devices such as smart watches. Smart watches do not apply to all consumers. Moreover, cheap beats by dr dre ear-wearing equipment than Google (microblogging) glasses as "facial computer" is also more attractive. Facts have proved that Google glasses will make the wearer look strange, and it is difficult to accept the whole society.

But the headset is different, almost beats solo all people can use it, but also in the use of places and occasions, the restrictions are much smaller. Now, the use of headphones to listen to music and / or call people is more and more, the question is, these devices can also be used to do what? Ear-piercing devices can do smart phones have been able to do a lot of things such as alarm and notification, they can even do better than the smart phone. The ear-piercing device senses the beats headphones condition of the wearer's body and collects the wearer's physiological characteristics such as heart rate through the skin. Now the Bluetooth device must be used with the smart phone, but the wireless networking technology developed rapidly, a variety of intelligent devices will soon be able to communicate with each other. This means that a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitoring device can pass the wearer's own heartbeat to his ear.

The development potential of the ear-wearing device is unlimited and it is possible to create a new class of consumer electronics products again.