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Game headphones really can only play games? Let's take a look at some of its parameters

The rise of the gaming industry, the rise of Internet cafes, resulting in the game headset before the player is not so care about the field, began to be concerned about the people. Wearing headphones, immersed in the vivid experience of the game, and the game's sound into one, from outside interference, do not disturb the outside of the quiet, perhaps the most important role of the game headset. Throughout all the game headset, whether it is cheap, or high-end on the grade of expensive outrageous game headphones, as if the parameters, they always have a little bit similar, so fat today I want to talk about is some Game headset parameters that thing. This is the "shrimp" pull the first talk before the need to solve a problem, why headset to the game headset like this? What is the difference between the headset and the music headphones we usually use? After my review and personal experience of beats by dre cheap a variety of gaming headphones and music headphones, my summary is probably as follows: appearance, the game headset with wide headband, bulky earmuffs, with long enough and beats earphones thick cable, And more imaginative, more pursuit is cool, domineering, coupled with shiny adjustable light, giving a "loaded force" Fan children taste. Music headphones usually do not use lights to be embellished, and the appearance of the impression is exquisite small, you can let the music enthusiasts carry, and more emphasis on the fashion sense, as well as lines and materials on the use of beauty.

The obvious difference between the two can find the answer on the microphone, the game headset is generally equipped with a microphone, and music headphones in order to achieve good sound quality, generally do not carry a microphone, so you can recognize a second Is a game headset, which is a music headset, of course, some music headset or microphone will be integrated in the wire, but it will not like a game headset as a long microphone tube connected. In the performance of the sound quality, the game headset is more emphasis on the special rendering ability and accurate positioning capabilities, to bring the player on the spot beats headphones on sale shock feeling, gives the feeling is bully; and music headset is about Sound reduction, low and high frequency performance are more balanced, in the resolution will be more clear. On the game headset, the most critical of a parameter, in fact, is to wear the comfort, and the decision on the one hand, there is an ergonomic appearance, on the other hand is the game headset head and earmuffs used by the material The. In the material, whether it is the game headset or headset music headset, the vast majority are used leather wrapped sponge design, this design is a bit sponge can greatly slow down the headset and ear pressure, and leather Of the package is for a long time to wear when the ears will not be too hot.

Of course, the basic category of material, but also there are high and low points, sponge also divided into ordinary sponge, memory sponge, etc., of course, is also the key material! The thickness of the sponge is also to a certain extent affect the comfort; leather is also divided into leather and imitation leather (PU), but also the existence of cloth with a headset, so when buying the game headset, fat advice or go to the store The actual feelings, wearing about 5-10 minutes to feel the comfort of this headset, or buy online back, make a 30 game, get the ears have pain, and can not return, it really is "lost Lady and soldiers ".

Comfort is important, while the sound quality of the game headset is also important! So audition becomes very necessary, or just look at the official propaganda and more powerful! It is also a certain degree of nonsense and so on. It beats earbuds can be said that for game headphones such products, almost every one is talking about their own use of large units of the design, and this large unit is what is it?