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Four elements of acoustic decoration

1. Choose a better room and a better location

Home theater and enjoy the music room with its preferred shape is rectangular, the room area as much as possible the most ideal, but some room conditions are limited, there may be a variety of unsatisfactory room shape and area, then still Note that the left and right sides of the main speaker in the room as far as possible symmetry placed. Square of the room is not ideal, but also take the main speaker to the center of the corner symmetry placed on the method. Audio equipment and audio-visual position should be in the room at both ends, the distance between the two main speakers should be not less than 2 beats solo meters and with the audio-visual position into the isosceles triangle or equilateral triangle, the main speaker should be slightly to the inside of the eight Shaped, outside and back from the wall better to stay more than 0.3 meters of space. Its height is generally higher than the tweeters slightly higher than the height of the ears when the posture is appropriate

2. Reasonable selection of sound-absorbing material

In the room decoration to consider the use of some of the sound absorption function of the material is better, such as non-woven wallpaper, with embossed wallpaper and so on. But also pay attention to sound-absorbing material should not pave too much, otherwise it will make the sound dry hair astringent, the lack of rounded, sweet sense of space, the same will lose the charm of music. Such as living room conditions are limited, can not be a provision of a home theater or listening room, then placed in the living room sound home theater or listening environment for the election, if the study or bedroom as a home theater or listening environment, Its effect may be greatly affected. Such as the side of the concrete wall, and the other side is a large cabinet furniture, you need to hang one side of the concrete wall with a sound-absorbing fabric or tapestry to do some acoustic compensation processing, so that the main speaker Both sides of the acoustic performance as close as possible symmetry. If the map is simple and easy, the use of floor curtains, carpets can also receive a certain sound-absorbing effect. This can effectively reduce the part of the reflected sound, improve the clarity of the sound, thereby improving the listening effect.

3. To tighten doors and windows, noise and vibration

Enthusiasts have such a great experience, that is, when listening to music if the sound opened, a certain part of the room, such as doors and windows or other small objects will be with the music frequency of a buzzing. This resonant phenomenon in order to effectively avoid, should pay attention to the indoor ceiling can not be made into a cavity, the cheap beats by dr dre furniture is also less good, and should avoid placing the exposed cabinet furniture, because it is actually a cavity; audio environment It is not appropriate to put a lightweight shell craft jewelry. Doors and windows of the glass (including furniture on the door glass), be sure to install firmly, and pay attention to the gap at the pad. If the listening environment or beats earphones near downtown, noisy too loud, but also should take sound insulation measures, in addition to sealing doors and windows outside the gap, it is better to change the doors and windows glass to double the sound performance greatly improved. In order to reduce the vibration to a lesser extent, may wish to use "I" or "Z" shaped speaker rack will be set up, unconditional people can also put the speaker on the low cabinet, but the low cabinet better solid, article.

4. To use a power cord

Home of the meter to be replaced by more than 5 amperes. Audio electricity, kitchen electricity, lighting, electricity, air conditioning, electricity, etc. have to set up their own lines to each other does not affect. If the conditions are limited, at least alone for the audio equipment to install a green, and better use with other home appliances to avoid, or vacuum cleaners, hair dryer, microwave ovens, computers, air conditioning and other electrical appliances will produce electrical clutter, causing noise effect.