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Everyone should be good speakers, good speakers in the end "good" where? The

I believe that both the senior audio commentator, or ashes of the enthusiasts, will spend a lot of time to listen to massive audio equipment, and their sound quality assessment. But even so, in the author more than 20 years of fever career, still did not encounter any one speaker can really 100% restore the scene. The most extreme speakers and sound can only be close to the scene, but after all, not the scene. This may also be the charm of the sound of it However, have to say that some do not look so perfect speaker, it sounds like a mystery of the attraction. They may "ignore" some treble details, bass performance is not perfect, and even can not reproduce the full range of music, or difficult to live soundtrack in your room, or the frequency response is far from perfect ... but even There are these small flaws, speakers can still sound pleasant. This "flaw" can be said to be benign, it can be said to beats by dre studio be "the beauty of regret", they have to make music unique flavor. However, still do not rule out some of the defects of the record is not "benign", and even distorted the sound performance should be, such as rough or turbid bass, or stiff dynamic range - but think it is a headache, after all, Your attention away from the music, then this "regret" I am afraid that is not "beauty". Evaluation of any speaker, the most important standard must be the sound performance, especially the human voice. Probably not everyone is well aware of the violin, cello and piano, but we all understand the voices. This is why in the speaker evaluation, cheap beats by dre vocal repertoire audition is essential, because the accurate voice reproduction is essential.

For me personally, as long as it makes me feel "live music" (live music), rather than "electronic music" speaker, is a good beats by dre studio speaker. "

"My ideal loud speaker, must have accurate sound balance, good sound imaging and realistic sound field reproduction."

"1. IF clear; 2. Low frequency stability; 3. Tri-band uniform distribution.

I personally appreciate or this reply:

When I close my eyes, I hope I can "see" the music, so for me, the good speakers are like this - 1. holographic images; 2. sounds real, without modification; dynamic range is also important; The wide sound field, the depth of the sound can give people an immersive listening experience.