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Enthusiasts will be confused to teach you how to correct the election headphones

?We look at the people now listen to the time when the most common earplugs products, where we will be divided into the ear ear and non-ear type two, this classification is now the headset enthusiasts are the most acceptable and most simple classification , Friends in the purchase of such earplugs need to pay attention to what, or what kind of earplugs for whom? Earplugs in English description of the "In-Ear" friends can be understood as the meaning of ear , It is said that earplugs are needed to put into the ear canal of listening products, but because of the different habits of enthusiasts and for the sound of the changes, we gradually refine the earplugs into the ear and non-ear two Kind of, but many people think that the ear into the ear and ear ear is based on the way the earplugs to wear, then we are not particularly agree, are the ear plug into the ear which, but the depth and form of different And ear-style earplugs because of the sound diaphragm with our eardrum closer, the effect of listening to their more outstanding, but these earplugs need to plug into the ear canal deep Home, and will have some pressure on the ears, so many users do not feel particularly comfortable when wearing, which is why many people do not like this one of the reasons for earplugs into the ear ear with ear ear Than to enter the ear canal of the distance is shorter, and many non-ear earplugs in the wear time can be a good card in our cochlea, so when wearing more ears than the ear is more comfortable, but because of the distance The ear canal of beats by dre on sale the eardrum longer distance, so listening to the ear of the sensitivity and performance of beats by dre on sale its voice requirements higher, and now the market a lot of non-ear earphones in the sound and inspiration on the feelings are not beats earbuds ear-style ear , Which is one of the more important reasons.

?In fact, whether it is ear ear or ear ear ear, long listening to our eardrums will cause a certain degree of damage, which is why many people like to use earphones for a long time to listen to music users speak more and more loud Reason, because cheap beats the ear to listen to music on the hearing loss, so a long time listening must not use the earplugs and no matter what kind of earplugs, when wearing, we will cause friction with our clothes, people have a feeling of stethoscope, and earplugs This shortcoming to the present is not a good solution, so friends in the choice of earplugs must pay attention.