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Do not be flicker, headphones beats headphones to buy some of the errors and suggestions

Although the headset is the most commonly used digital products, but it is also a very difficult choice of things, because not only between the different headset price span is very cheap beats headphones large, fake rampant, and the player will have a certain stress, for the sound preferences Very subjective, even the experience of the enthusiasts tend to be tangled for a long time. For the first burning, because the equipment is not heard too much, for the sound requirements are not so harsh, in fact, the choice of the difficulty to be lower, but in the purchase of headphones is, there will be some misunderstanding, so Here I also talk about the purchase of headphones is a misunderstanding and precautions, hoping to help the novice purchase. The more expensive the headphones sound the better? Expensive high-end earplugs, their own hard quality is usually very good, but also related to the headset sound style problems, there may be obviously high quality, but the sound is completely not beats headphones on sale their own taste, not suitable for their favorite music type , Then there will be expensive headphones instead of cheaper, but the sound style suitable for their headphones nice. So for the headset this product, do not absolute bargaining sound, there is the so-called "super, second, flat" headphones exist is not surprising, but the most important thing is not expensive to buy only, headphones like Food, will have their own unique taste, because the key is not enough high-end ingredients, but whether it is in line with their own tastes. Although the headphones in the eyes of ordinary people is not very important gadgets, but the price of a good headset is often expensive to the point of staggering, such as now a few hundred dollars of headphones may not be high-end, thousands, tens of thousands of Headphones are too numerous to mention. Want a good headset but can not afford to do? Business naturally aware of this opportunity, so the market there are many so-called factory goods, high imitation of well-known brand headset products, the price may be very cheap, and perhaps cheaper than the genuine little bit. If you want to buy the real thing, but in order to covet some small cheap psychology, it still wake up it. Even the high-end headset manufacturing costs may be very low, but manufacturers, businesses will not be stupid enough to sell high-priced things, but at low prices to sell you to the extent. If the price of a headset is much cheaper than the normal price may be the real thing? There is the so-called bulk factory goods, the price is not cheap, spend hundreds of thousands of prices to buy such a thing, not what is the father.

Burning machine is beats earbuds a lot of friends to buy a lot of new headphones will be carried out after a step, a lot of time burning machine does have to improve the role of headphones sound. But here would like to remind is that the burning machine can not be a headset sound is not ideal for a word, such as the purchase of a headset, but their feelings are not good enough, if the business you need to burn machine for some time will be effective, this absolute Is nonsense. Because the burning machine even if there is a certain improvement, but it will not make the sound quality of the headset upgrade, it will not change the headphones sound style, if the first listen does not like the headset, no matter how burning machine will not have earth-shaking changes