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Cool and comfortable experience Choose from a variety of summer headphones

Recently, most areas have entered the hottest period of the year. The maximum daily temperature has reached more than 35 degrees, most people like to control the range of activities in the air-conditioned room as much as possible. Even so, on the way to work also inevitably flow a lot of sweat, in the subway bus often bring irritability when the mood. In this process, the music can make everyone's emotions become calm. But wear headphones will increase the sense of dryness, this time we need to choose some comfortable in the wear, sweat and water, cool breathable high-quality headphones. Using a very characteristic of the post-hanging way of wearing, this way to wear not only meet the needs of users wearing a strong, but also in the movement which will not fall because of sweat, to ensure that this paragraph headset wearing comfort, this Headphones in the part of the ear shell to join the operation button, adjust it very convenient, can be very good to meet the user's operational requirements, is a very cost-effective post-hanging headset products.

Whether it is low frequency or voices are no obvious shortcomings, the voice of outstanding performance, strong sense of rhythm, can be beats by dre wireless very good to meet the user in the movement to listen to the needs of fast-paced music, is a very good post-hook Bluetooth headset product. The overall sound balance beautiful for young friends choose entry-level earplugs products, this section ear plug with the ear-style design, the use of high-quality ear jackets and more in line with the design of human mechanics, so that when the earplugs wear More comfortable, can be very good to meet the user to try to wear to beats by dre studio wear the needs of listening, is a very cost-effective earplugs products.

Bluetooth headset overall work fine fashion, using a unique Go shape ear shell, hanging after the way to wear, through its lightweight weight and good support to meet the needs of users comfortable to wear. This headset built-in ISSC 1681s chip, with a talk microphone, a good guarantee of the call and voice transmission, to meet the user in the movement to listen to the needs of high quality sound with a flat wire, a good way to prevent the winding Troubled earplugs, this earplugs overall design is very bright and stylish, with the ear-style wear beats by dr dre effect, to ensure that users can more easily wear, with its soft earplugs, a good upgrade this Earbuds wear effects, allowing users to enjoy the fun of a long time to bring the fun.