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Can the earphone achieve the 5.1 channel effect?

What is the 5.1 channel? I understand the 5.1 channel is about the main speaker left and right surround speakers in the speaker subwoofer. Correct! Is the need for so many things! beats earphones So what is the so-called headset 5.1 channel? Virtual out! beats by dre studio Is through the DSP algorithm like the type of programming to change the sound phase and frequency, and ultimately achieve cheap beats the effect of cheating your ears. How's the effect? This is a metaphysical problem, most people are listening to feel more sense of space, but the virtual thing, after all, is a virtual, certainly not really a number of equipment plus good, or old burn directly to buy a headset is not good , Why have to buy so many dead expensive expensive box? Theoretically yes, but the actual effect is not as good as the effect of speaker components 5.1, why?

There are already posted a 5.1-channel sound system of the map, a scene, 5.1-channel system through four satellite speakers, to achieve the direction of the four segments of the sound, the sound is directional, that is, you listen to the sound The time to be able to distinguish from which direction he passed, the use of 5.1-channel system will be wrapped by sound, surrounded by the feeling. That if the same headset into a lot of speakers why it is difficult to do 5.1-channel effect?

If we plug in a number of units in the headset, why not like the exact difference between the front and back of the sound? This is because the 5.1 speaker system, the location of the speakers are far away, it is easier to distinguish. And headphones, you put a number of units in the inside, because it is very close, and directly attached to the ears, although each unit issued a different voice, and finally mixed into the 2.0 channel into the ears.