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High Performance Dr Dre Headphone

The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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Unparalleled Sound Innovation
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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.

I really wanted to like these Beats by Dre headphones. Beats headphones sound pretty good, look great & very comfortable. Love the controls.. Volume, on/off, & two taps changes the track. I just purchased these Beats headphones a few days ago and so far i'm keeping them. The matte black looks great, to me they ARE comfortable. Battery life seems amazing so far, pairing was seamless with my products. The build is fine, quality plastic and again the matte black look great!
Now the sound, I have wired Beats Mixr's and they are super loud, like honestly a lil to loud, the Beats Solo 3 are loud, not super loud, not that I'm looking to go deaf but there is a difference in loudness, just a bit. To me the sound quality is spot on Beats, crisp clean with yes, great bass, perfect for the type of music I listen to which varies, I'm just a lil torn on the loudness issue. I got them new at a great price and that's why I'll most likely keep them, seriously aside from a slight difference in overall loudness they are superior wireless stylish Beats By Dr. Dre headphones with crazy battery life!  I'm keeping them, these Beats by Dre headphones are worth it! I've come to the conclusion they are definitely loud enough,sound quality is great for what your getting, battery life is amazing, and yes, to me, Beats by Dre headphones are comfortable, I've worn them watching a 2 1/2 hr move and forget they were even on, the sound quality immersed me into the movie!


  • Chop hand also to buy boutique headphones

    Every time you go to the company to work, all the way to meet a lot of strangers with headphones. Because a person walking on the road, with a headset quietly listen to their favorite songs, listen to today's news, or listen to their own has been concerned about the radio, it seems that a cheap beats headphones very good thing. A headset seems to accompany us from the early morning to the sunset is a simple headset, in addition to simple lines, there is no other than any extra burden. This is very simple style of the black and red collision color of the headset, the appearance of fashion atmosphere, the details of the work is also quite good Oh, the use of aluminum alloy to create the headset, you can directly control the bass through the headset bass. With a high value of a headset, the shape is absolutely to the force design, should be a lot of boys like the design style, looks stylish atmosphere, cool and beautiful. beats solo To work on the road, morning road, the journey on the road ... ... it seems to be able to bring you a lot of suction power.

    Headphones seem to be designed for the movement and students, exquisite shape design, after the ear-style wear method, it seems more of a shocking and fashionable atmosphere. Insert the phone, through the headset automatically control the phone phone to answer, so that you enjoy the process of moving quickly and easily. Headphones look very mini-design, so for those who like sports is super convenient, delicate and then ensure the quality of the same time also make you more convenient to wear and carry. And this phone has a variety of colors of choice, to meet your needs of each color Oh! A good headset, let us in the morning when the better enjoy the music to bring our auditory feast. This black and red hit color of the classic color, simple and generous, and beautiful fashion. This headset can bend the ear, so that it can be beats headphones on sale a good reduction of the oppression of the ear, so you wear more comfortable.

    Looks very unique shape of a headset, and this headset also has four different colors, elegant blue, tall gold on the gold, the classic atmosphere of dark gray, high color gold, to meet your color select. And this headset compatibility is also very strong Oh. White headphones are still very suitable for girls to use, looks more fresh and elegant home. Very simple style design, highlighting a very simple fashion atmosphere. Small headphones, comfortable ear, give you a more clear and comfortable visual enjoyment. Wireless Bluetooth headset, it is suitable for sports like you baby, get up early in the beats headphones morning, put on sportswear, and then wear this is very high-quality high-quality fashion headphones, ear ear easy ear, so good music through the good Pass, so that you have a good morning, open the day happy mood.

    2017-05-25 20:17:39
  • How are dozens of unit headphones sound quality?

    For a HiFi burner, the headset sound quality is one of the factors that they choose the headphones, there is also a factor that can not be ignored is the headset unit, the number of units and the unit area will have an impact on the quality of the headset. What is the specific impact of today's love with a simple introduction to everyone. The more the unit earphone sound better? Headphones unit is not the beats by dre studio better, the current unit is the largest unit of hearing aids, and headphones are the most JH24, unilateral 24 units. The more accurate the frequency band, but because of the points too much, you need to consider the coordination between the bands, with the good, the band between the natural beats earphones convergence; otherwise there will be gaps, that is, the lack of part of the band, or band Coincidence and so on, that is, what we call distortion. Headphone unit area size on the quality of headphones have the effect? ??First of all under the same conditions, and headphones are pushed under the premise of the smaller unit area, the greater the sensitivity, the greater the area of ??the larger unit, the smaller the sensitivity, Speakers are used when the earplugs, because the sensitivity of earplugs than the speakers to a large, this cheap beats by dr dre is a physical principle. The larger the unit area, the greater the power required, according to the law of conservation of energy, the greater the output sound pressure, the greater the energy generated, the sound density is greater, the sound field is wider, more momentum so cheap beats headphones the same price The sound quality of the headset is much better than the earplugs, generally about 8 thousand earphones with the sound of about 3000 large headphones sound quality almost.

    So when you choose the headset can not only look at the number of units, as well as for the headphone unit area, there will always be some choice, if you choose the earplugs, the sound field will have a certain sacrifice, and select the big ears in the portable there will be some Sacrifice, but ultimately look at personal preferences.

    2017-05-24 20:21:37
  • Mobile phone hifi really need it?

    With the advent of HIFI music phones, now listen to music, we prefer to choose the phone. The reason is, in addition to convenience, more importantly, its performance can follow the player equipment, like, with good music performance. So, whether the phone HiFi really necessary, there is a need for it.

    Before we understand this problem, we have to know what we are talking about HiFi in the end?

    HiFi is High-Fidelity English abbreviation, Chinese is "high fidelity" means. Its definition is the sound of the playback and the beats by dre on sale sound is highly similar to the popular terms is to allow users to hear the most real sound.

    And to achieve this high fidelity sound, is the need for professional HiFi chip. And now these have a "HIFI called" mobile phone, they have a separate audio chip as the core of the phone, not the traditional integrated audio chip. Independent audio chip can make the voice of the phone more pure, more wide range of sound details to capture; followed by the op amp chip, can give the player to create higher quality and greater strength of the analog signal output capability, Improve the effect of playing music.

    Speaking of which, certainly there are consumers that mobile phone HiFi manufacturers only gimmicks. In fact, although each person's listening is different, good and bad, it is difficult to have a standard to judge. But with the addition of professional chips, is certainly more or less will bring sound quality upgrade, and most people will feel "yes" than "no" strong.

    And the purchase of these HIFI phone, in order to allow users to have a better experience, generally presented a lot of lossless music. Its main purpose is to enhance the user to enjoy the overall quality of music, but also allows users to distinguish between lossless music and ordinary music, feel the difference between the sound quality of music phones and ordinary mobile phones. In addition, the phone HIFI also with their favorite headphones, get their own needs.

    However, the mobile phone HIFI is not perfect, for the thrust of the problem also need to be resolved. After all, the original purpose of mobile phone HIFI is defined as portable HIFI, so with the phone using the headset must be low impedance, like some big ears or other high-impedance ear-type headphones is difficult to push, or push, not to mention listening The.

    Another is the battery life beats by dre sale problem, after all, to provide HiFi sound quality is the need for a strong endurance protection, now the phone screen is bigger and bigger, so cheap beats the consumption of electricity is quite large, and listen to music, it will inevitably not guarantee the use of Mobile phone for other purposes.

    The last is the anti-jamming problem, alone these HiFi chip integrated into a player is not difficult, the difficulty is integrated in the small complex mobile phone motherboard, but also a variety of signal interference to a minimum. After all, the function of the phone so much, not just for the same music, the signal will not interfere with the transmission of each other, affecting the actual sense of hearing.

    Although the phone is still a lot of shortcomings, but after all, mobile phones HiFi can take this step to enhance the sound quality, or is very milestone, and the public demand for this is also some. After all, cell phone music can save the user "with beats by dre on sale too much" equipment trouble, and more convenient and practical. In addition, the user to hear the sound is subjective, so the phone HIFI is really necessary. What do you think?

    2017-05-23 20:40:58
  • With the price of the ear can be second ear?

    People who play the headphones are beats by dre sale known, often in the post bar and other places are blowing big ears seconds seconds to see the ear to talk about the fever to scoff, there are some people say that the head can not wear seconds, ears can not be flat head. So, in the push under the premise of the same price under the ear can be second ear? In the fever industry, there is such a view: earplugs and ears to get the same sound performance, the price should be at least 2 times higher, but this is just an overview. Because, positioning the low-end big headphones sound really is not how, and the general earplugs no big difference, but rather some earplugs sound better. But to the high-end areas, do not say anything else on the sound field and momentum than ear plugs.

    This advantage can be found in an open, big headphones on the sound field can be thrown a few streets. This sense of listening is like LCD TV-style ear, ipad-style portable ear, mobile phone earplugs. So the big ears of the sound field, knot, momentum, energy, surrounded by the sense of the above advantages, is able to burst burst ears. But the physical size of view, the ear volume is much smaller than the big ears, and the smaller the unit, the better the resolution. Like the phone and LCD TV to watch the same resolution of the screen, do you think that the clarity of the higher? After all, the advantage of ear is the analysis, sensitivity, delicate, coupled with more deep ear canal, sound insulation is good, so the details more Of the clear, the details of the performance of more powerful, these are big cheap beats by dr dre ears than the. But the ear has a disturbing shortcomings, that is auscultation effect. But generally more high-end ear in this area have done a good job, a lot less.

    In the actual use, most of the big ears are eating thrust, pick the front, can not push directly. If the front of the input is very low, or extreme use of mobile phones when the push, when many big ears of the sound is very empty and dry. And specifically for the design of high-end ear plugs this time the sound is more than the ears of the more pleasant, travel and more convenient. But on the other hand, a little on the front end into the price equal to the headset. Big ear suit hanging earplugs do not seem to be a difficult thing, it is no doubt. In general, compared to listen to the words, it is really no comparable, big ears feel a magnificent, there is momentum; into the ears feel delicate, the amount of information, there are bridges like emotions, both nice Have to see yourself. After all, the sound quality is biased in the subjective things, the quality can be said to have high and low, sound quality can only say that there is suitable and not suitable. Headset quality can be used as a basis for evaluating the level of high and low, but not recommended as a basis for judging the headset, after all, can not listen to the price sense.

    If you have to compare the price, the more high-end, really should be the previous point of view, that is, earphones and headphones to get the same sound performance, the price should be at least 2 times higher. After all, the price up the big ears of the advantages will be more and more, and now a lot of flagship level of the big ears are able to explain, such as HD800.

    So, in the same price of the big ears and ear-style headset choice, in addition to see their own use of portable, but also to see their homonyms, do not price on the sound. After all, the world's headphones to listen to a sense of tens beats by dre cheap of millions, for others not necessarily for you, because the sense of hearing is their own, good or bad or their ears have the final say.

    2017-05-22 20:36:30
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