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High Performance Dr Dre Headphone

The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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Unparalleled Sound Innovation
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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.

I really wanted to like these Beats by Dre headphones. Beats headphones sound pretty good, look great & very comfortable. Love the controls.. Volume, on/off, & two taps changes the track. I just purchased these Beats headphones a few days ago and so far i'm keeping them. The matte black looks great, to me they ARE comfortable. Battery life seems amazing so far, pairing was seamless with my products. The build is fine, quality plastic and again the matte black look great!
Now the sound, I have wired Beats Mixr's and they are super loud, like honestly a lil to loud, the Beats Solo 3 are loud, not super loud, not that I'm looking to go deaf but there is a difference in loudness, just a bit. To me the sound quality is spot on Beats, crisp clean with yes, great bass, perfect for the type of music I listen to which varies, I'm just a lil torn on the loudness issue. I got them new at a great price and that's why I'll most likely keep them, seriously aside from a slight difference in overall loudness they are superior wireless stylish Beats By Dr. Dre headphones with crazy battery life!  I'm keeping them, these Beats by Dre headphones are worth it! I've come to the conclusion they are definitely loud enough,sound quality is great for what your getting, battery life is amazing, and yes, to me, Beats by Dre headphones are comfortable, I've worn them watching a 2 1/2 hr move and forget they were even on, the sound quality immersed me into the movie!


  • Entry-level monitor headset, which is better?

    Personally think that as the most important thing to listen to headphones or can use it to accurately determine the sound. Sound field is also an important part, but the headset can not replace the speaker after the mixing of the acoustic conditions provided. No matter how good the headset mixed out of things or to get the speaker to confirm whether there is a phase of the problem, so I do not think too much to pursue the so-called headphones sound field, headphones is the primary task to do sound, not to do sound field. Which models are more outstanding see the answer to Kan Ouli. I choose another important factor in the headset is comfort, on the one hand is to wear, on the other hand is a sense beats by dre studio of hearing. Especially in the comfort of this point, to some extent I think than the headset on the sound of the reduction is also important, because when you know, accustomed to a headset after the frequency response characteristics (of course, the premise is that it will not be too outrageous), in the recording , The process of mixing you will consciously according to the characteristics of this headset for your recording or mixing to a specific circumvention or compensation. Bluntly, used to you can make do. But the comfort is that you absolutely can not adapt or make do. As a professional use of headphones with the general use of listening to music is different from the headphones, you listen to music up to one or two hours, but the work is to live a few hours, or even half a day is not impossible, so comfort is very important.

    To say that the monitor, you have to say that HIFI really said: "monitor" the word is the equipment manufacturers invented their own "HIFI" word of the most powerful face no one we know that HIFI itself is "high fidelity" But this HIFI non-HIFI: Today's so-called "HIFI" has long been reduced beats headphones on sale to "seasoning": like your home out of the equipment Tomato flavor, my home out of the equipment barbecue taste, his home equipment beats headphones beef flavor ... ...

    But from the recording beats earphones to the playback process, there will be a lot of opportunities for distortion, such as the quality of the recording pen microphone, recording pen recording data quality, recording pen placement, playback front end of the reduction force, front-end speaker that line The height of the impedance

    2017-06-22 20:43:41
  • Headphones for the line is not just "metaphysics", but the upgrade will be a problem

    In the audio equipment, many of the "metaphysical" link, there are always many are often mentioned. Whether it is a big speaker or a small headset, there is a ring, whether it is high fever players or entry white are concerned, that is, "wire problem." Although the ear headphones now have a "change, such as replacement," the argument, but more people are concerned about the wire or for the sound changes. In the discussion of the headset related forum, we can still see a lot of friends in the discussion of their own headset to bring the sound changes. Of course, there will be a lot of friends scoffed at it, to superficial theory to claim "for the line useless", that these friends who are dedicated to change the line are useless work. In fact, from the structure, the wire for the sound or will have a certain impact. Our common headset wire is made of copper or silver-plated copper wire, in the more advanced wire there are mixed techniques. Different materials and the preparation of the entire cable, shielding process, different processes will lead to different characteristics of the wire resistance and transmission characteristics, the final sound of course, is not the same. Give a relatively simple example to illustrate the different materials, the length of the actual line of the entire line of the impedance and filtering properties will have a "big and small" effect. At the same time, because most of the ear headphones are high sensitivity, low distortion of the speaker, so the purity of the wire, the crystallization rate of this weak current transmission of audio have a significant impact. If you use too thin wire, due to large internal resistance, will lead to more output power loss in the wire resistance. But the beats by dre sale use of coarser wire, the cost is also a problem. So the wire material selection and structure, in fact, is a knowledge.

    Then it is not every so-called "upgrade line", are able to reasonably take into account the material and production process for the sound style of the impact. In the years of playing machine experience inside, the old bear also heard a lot of damage to the three lines of wire matching. They are beats by dre either the pursuit of one-sided link beats headphones on sale to enhance the sacrifice of the whole sound, or is not to enhance the sound, but let the sound become worse. May feel "for the line useless" friends, do have experienced a lot of these cases it Then the other point of view, some of the big brand manufacturers to provide their own official upgrade line, whether it will be the hard power of the headset itself to beats by dre enhance it? Yes, yes, the headset line on our body adaptation problem. My friend in the old iron to upgrade the official line after a period of time, the location of the ear appeared allergic swelling of the situation, but fortunately did not cause further impact. The official upgrade line will not only change the sound, but also on the human body have more intense "change" it? To this end, the old Baidu Baidu online whether there is the same type of situation, the results did not expect the old iron home other types of wire there are many people react to the existence of "allergy" problem.

    2017-06-21 20:36:27
  • Dynamic low frequency Hey up bass excellent headphones big collecting

    ??Headset earphones have a lot of benefits, one is comfort is good, because the style of earbud headphones will not be like ear earphones like scratches the ear canal and so on. If you do not listen to music directly to bring a certain sound insulation, suitable for use in a noisy environment. Wearing a very comfortable, there will be no pressure ear problems, light enough to beats solo bring up will not produce a sense of fatigue. Noise reduction performance is excellent, after listening to music almost can not hear the dormitory of other sounds, suitable for the bus, the subway to wear. Like a quiet student is a very good choice, there are 20 hours of life performance, support NFC. Comfortable to wear, 32 European version for the cortex for the cortical earmuffs, 80 ohm and 250 oh versions for the velvet ear caps. Is a closed reference level monitor headphones, suitable for monitoring, monitoring. Especially for professional studio studio. Unilateral cable, solid head beam structure to ensure the reliability of the headset. The closed structure makes it possible to attenuate the external noise by 18 dBA.

    Listen comfortable very natural, female rounded nice, with high precision diaphragm and lightweight voice coil structure. Dual audio damping can adjust the balance of each sound range. The cheap beats device's board system can reduce sound distortion. The shell is a layered metal composite structure that beats solo suppresses unnecessary noise vibrations. Three-way ventilation system, can control the air flow, improve the high / medium / low audio performance. A soft, concealed earset that can be used for beats solo a long period of time to enjoy the comfort of the ear. Appropriate ear ear design, providing excellent audio sealing effect.

    2017-06-20 20:32:40
  • Headset cleaning method

    Now more and more young people, ears hanging headphones, indulge in their own music world. But for the health of the headset many people have not cleaned. In fact, headphones are filthy hardest hit, do not believe you can observe it. Here Xiaobian to introduce you to several ways to clean the headset. 1, mild cleaning - wet wipes cleaning method This method is always used and pro-test effective, suitable for cleaning not too dirty headphones. Wipes in the convenience store and supermarkets are bought, use it back and forth along the headset line several times, clean as new. 2, moderate cleaning - toothpaste cleaning method Sometimes the headset line with too long is not only dirty problem, and even some yellow. At this time we use toothpaste every day to play its role. Toothpaste itself has whitening effect, it and some water with a beats by dre cheap small towel dip along the headset line back and forth a few times, the basic ability to restore the original headphones. Note that the clean finished with a small wet towel and beats by dre then rub two times, the action should be light!

    3, the depth of cleaning - special cleaning agent If the headset is dirty and hopeless, and the outer rubber yellow hair old (you can not bear to throw away), then use a special cleaning agent. Cleaning agents, and then there are girls often use the remover cotton.

    Car interior foam cleaner is similar to alcohol, volatile, not conductive, relatively safe, the method is to put the headset in plastic bags, spray on the beats solo cleaning agent, so that the white foam cover the entire headset, and then hand rub, place Two hours, and then remove the surface with a cloth to remove the residue can be.

    Cosmetic cotton is very simple, and it itself has a remover to exfoliate function. Face can be used, why not headphones.

    4, severe cleaning - alcohol cleaning method with alcohol to wipe electronic equipment we all know no problem. For the mesh head of the headset, we can choose to wipe with alcohol. One can remove the above grunge, and secondly to the headset can be disinfected. The effect is very good. However, alcohol is organic, will lead to aging headphones, it is not recommended for frequent use.

    2017-06-19 20:30:39
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