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High Performance Dr Dre Headphone

The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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Unparalleled Sound Innovation
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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.

I really wanted to like these Beats by Dre headphones. Beats headphones sound pretty good, look great & very comfortable. Love the controls.. Volume, on/off, & two taps changes the track. I just purchased these Beats headphones a few days ago and so far i'm keeping them. The matte black looks great, to me they ARE comfortable. Battery life seems amazing so far, pairing was seamless with my products. The build is fine, quality plastic and again the matte black look great!
Now the sound, I have wired Beats Mixr's and they are super loud, like honestly a lil to loud, the Beats Solo 3 are loud, not super loud, not that I'm looking to go deaf but there is a difference in loudness, just a bit. To me the sound quality is spot on Beats, crisp clean with yes, great bass, perfect for the type of music I listen to which varies, I'm just a lil torn on the loudness issue. I got them new at a great price and that's why I'll most likely keep them, seriously aside from a slight difference in overall loudness they are superior wireless stylish Beats By Dr. Dre headphones with crazy battery life!  I'm keeping them, these Beats by Dre headphones are worth it! I've come to the conclusion they are definitely loud enough,sound quality is great for what your getting, battery life is amazing, and yes, to me, Beats by Dre headphones are comfortable, I've worn them watching a 2 1/2 hr move and forget they were even on, the sound quality immersed me into the movie!


  • How to summarize a variety of charging lines, headset line?

    You can use the fish bone winder, the line around the circle in their favorite way around the head, head and fish tail put head and tail, positive and negative can. When the head and tail of the line to stay out for a convenient use. Usually pay attention to the collection of binding line (wire tie), the wire wrapped around the wrist gently, then beats by dre studio slowly wrist out, with the tie line will be wrapped around the coil after the bundle. As the wire within the wire can be easily bent, and not easy to deformation, durable. Use a self-styled bag for dressing. Select the appropriate size of the bag size, the bundled or rolled line into the self-styled bag, close the interface and placed in the induction box after the spare. beats headphones Conditional words can also be purchased directly from the winding function of the telescopic data cable.

    Finally, in general, most of the line is chaotic is basically a word, lazy. After the use of beats headphones cheap free to put more and more finally wrapped together. But the most convenient or directly on the Internet to buy it, but also convenient and delicate. For example, there are simple leather data cable feeder, solid wood desktop holder, headset winding box, high-level plug-in power cord finishing box, luxury version is the digital accessories package. If you do not want to spend money to organize the beats solo data lines, hands-on ability of students, you can read the products you want to buy, play their own imagination, DIY homemade data line storage tools, shoebox, wooden box can be a good helper for your line

    2017-06-28 20:52:24
  • Concept clear to pick a good headphones

    The number of headphones on the market thousands of people, most people buy headphones will not pursue any kind of problem, but with this wave of consumer upgrade era, we need to figure out the type of headphones in order to choose more suitable for their own Of the headphones that can bring a better sense of hearing. Now the most common headphones on the market are two categories: moving headphones and moving headphones. Generally speaking, moving headset headset than moving iron headset or move the headset than the dynamic headset, this is wrong. Both have their own areas of expertise. Next, learn more about the next two together. The most common headphones on the market are moving headphones. Whether the high-end headphones or entry-level products, earbuds or headset, moving headphones are absolutely mainstream form, because the dynamic headphones are not limited by the unit area, diaphragm size can be larger, so its size is Very free. The principle of the generation of the headphones can be summarized as follows: the design of the moving coil unit, the current through the coil and produce a magnetic field, and then through the magnetic field and its permanent magnet material mutual effect makes the diaphragm vibration and produce sound. In other words, in the dynamic headset is the electrical signal into a magnetic signal, and then the interaction between the magnetic field beats headphones to promote the sound of the diaphragm.

    It is also because of the voice of the headset this way, moving coil headphones in the low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency of the convergence of the three are more smooth, sound field is also relaxed and natural. Moving headphones in the performance of the bass is even better. However, the response is also slow it is a big problem, and moving the headset to the electrical signal into a magnetic signal will inevitably be a little distortion, the details of the grasp is not really very accurate. Moving iron headphones actually have a long history. It was the earliest time used in the phone handset, and later used in hearing aids, the last ten years began to widely used in cheap beats by dre music headphones, can be considered a long time accumulation. The sound principle of moving iron headphones is transmitted through a structure of a precision connecting rod to the center of a micro-diaphragm, resulting in vibration and sound. Explain that there is an iron piece inside the moving iron unit, which is directly connected to the diaphragm plate and is transmitted through the center of a miniature diaphragm through a precision connecting rod. In other words, the moving iron unit is the coil through the coil after the magnetic field changes caused by different frequency of vibration, directly connected to the diaphragm sound. Equivalent to less than a dynamic headset magnetic field effect, and then the reaction is more rapid. Also makes the moving iron headphones in essence with a high degree of resolution, but the sound field has also been sacrificed. Moving the size of the headset is much smaller, you can easily put the ear canal, can put deeper. At present, moving iron unit brand, to Lou's moving iron unit for a large, many manufacturers are moving iron headset manufacturers are using Lou's moving iron unit, and then again on the basis of grinding tuning, production headphones.

    Moving headphones also because of the limitations of the sound principle, can only be designed to be closed structure, and for earplugs, he can not be made into open and put on. In terms of resolution, moving iron headphones undoubtedly have a greater advantage of the details of the sound more in place to restore. Moreover, compared to the dynamic headphones, moving headphones in the performance of the sound level is also more abundant. So, for the details of the faulty friends can consider moving iron headphones, such as when you are listening to songs very much like to listen to some kind of musical instruments. Moving headphones respond more quickly. Vibration efficiency is also high. Because the moving iron unit is almost a sealed amount of the container, only a small current can drive it, in the transient performance is also more rapid, better sensitivity. This can also be attributed to the details of the differences. But when listening to also do not hear any big difference.

    Dynamic headphones can be smoothly connected to the high and low three bands, the dynamic performance in the bass on the more excellent, and it is said that a good moving coil structure headphones can even break through the ears of the listening range to achieve a wider frequency response range. But the moving headphones in the frequency response range is checked a lot. Moving headphones because of their small size, you can put the ear canal in a deeper position. Moving the size of the headphones larger, in the sound process of air involved in more vibrations. Therefore, the combination of both, moving iron headphones sound insulation is almost rolling. Good soundproof headphones physical noise reduction performance can reach tens of decibels, which is dynamic ring headphones can not match. Moving headphones are more expensive because of the complexity of the manufacturing process

    2017-06-27 20:23:09
  • On the amp and the system

    Headset system Speaker system has a lot of common places, from the perspective of the entire system to consider the problem, to beats by dre wireless seize the weakest link in order to use the smallest investment to get the maximum improvement. Many users use the source level is not high, in this premise, the role of the amp will be significantly reduced. The so-called clever and difficult to cook, in the previous post I stressed the importance of many sources, civilian sound card and Walkman and entry-level desktop CD gap is also great.

    Sound card and Walkman beats headphones + amp with the mix for whatever reason, I think that can only be a temporary transition measures, the sound source is not on the overall effect of the grade will not be on the steps. People are less sensitive to the sound, the natural requirements of different equipment, we can not take a small part of the hearing is not sensitive to the standard to promote, this part of the people actually very happy, you can use very little cost to be satisfied, we do not Will discriminate against them, but not to their point of view as a standard to beats earphones look at HIFI equipment, in fact, so many people actually listening experience has told us the importance of the whole system placed in the system, it does not need any "golden ears" Without this experience or can not hear now, may wish to slowly develop, looking for opportunities to listen to better with the next effect, the sensitivity of listening can be gradually improved. Is that sentence, need to need to listen to the system, see headphones, desktop CD + amp even listen to the MX500 can hear even more than the direct use of the sound card has been significantly improved, but we never recommend to friends so With the system configuration is unreasonable, the same if you have a high-end headphones, and not with the amp, it is a waste of headset resources, there is no effective play, the system is also unreasonable. Not an ear can be applied to all headphones, ear to do 100% without distortion and sound is not possible, only as close as possible to this goal, the closer the cost of paying the higher, and the headset is not frequency Completely straight without distortion, which also has a different style of headphones, which in turn meet the different preferences of people, so under the premise of how to make the headphones full play out of his features and some make up for its shortcomings An important function. For example, A250, very good push, then the sound card is also very loud, but the high frequency is too wool, intolerable, I have done six DIY ear put the A250 test (see the essence version), SXT-1 with Better than the other ears, much better than the sound card. The fidelity of the amp is in the "magnification" under the premise of the fidelity, or not called the headset "amplifier", without this amplification, a lot of headphones in the "eat" conditions of work, it will affect its play. Not the ear to create the sound of the role of the amp is not "to improve the sound quality", but to allow the headset in the full drive to show its true sound. I said the sound card + HD600 is HD600 play 4 into the standard, with an entry-level CD + 1000 yuan level amp, there may be 8-9 into the level, think of 95%? The price will go somersault.

    2017-06-26 20:32:17
  • What is the loss of music?

    Although we all know that loss of sound loss of sound quality, but for what happened, not many people have to understand

    Damage to music in ensuring a certain sound quality of the case and a significant reduction in the file size, is certainly in accordance with a law to carry out, if the casual deletion of information will certainly be very distorted. To understand the loss of music content, we need to first understand some of the ear hearing characteristics First of all, a brief introduction to the masking effect of masking masking effect can be classified into three kinds: absolute masking, time domain masking, frequency domain masking

    1. Absolute masking

    The auditory system of the human auditory system for the sound frequency signal from the range of 20Hz ~ 20kHz, in the frequency range of the sound signal, as long as the energy is large enough, can be captured by the human auditory system. For each frequency of the signal

    , There is a corresponding auditory threshold. In the absence of any other noise interference conditions, a certain frequency of the signal energy is greater than its corresponding auditory threshold, then this signal can be heard.

    The above argument may be more cumbersome, simple, that is, the sound must reach a minimum intensity, can be heard, did not reach the minimum intensity of the sound, people can not hear. Different frequency

    The minimum intensity of the sound is different.

    So, we can experiment with the minimum intensity of the different frequencies are tested out, and then painted on a map, you get the ear audible minimum loudness curve

    2. Time domain masking

    Time domain masking refers to the phenomenon that a strong energy signal can mask the audio signal that is weak or weak before or after or at the same time. The masking of the preceding sound signal is called the leading masking, and the subsequent masking of the signal beats earbuds is called hysteresis masking, and the masking of the emerging signal is called immediate masking.

    The time of immediate masking is as long as the duration of the masking signal, whereas the pre-masking and hysteresis masking are immediate effects of masking in time. In the timeline, the more the two ends of the extension, the effect of the weaker degree.

    According to common sense, after the emergence of the signal for the first appeared in the signal is no masking effect, but because of the human auditory system and brain reaction lag and the sound signal before and after the relevance of the lead mask will appear.

    The effect of the pre-masking time is generally short, about 20ms, and the duration of the masking can last for 150ms.

    3. Frequency domain masking

    A strong tone will mask the weak tone at the same time as its sound, which is called frequency domain masking. Frequency domain masking is the immediate masking in time domain masking, but it is the study of the masking effect in the frequency domain.

    For ease of understanding, here is an example. If a 1000Hz pure tone is 18dB higher than another 900Hz pure tone, then the 900Hz beats by dre studio sound will be masked by the 1000Hz sound, but if you want this 1000Hz pure tone to cover the distance of 1800Hz a pure tone, then 1000Hz tone It must be higher than the 1800Hz sound 45dB! The actual situation to hear the sound less encountered in this situation higher than 45dB, the frequency domain masking effect is mainly reflected in the nearby frequency.

    It has been found that the masking threshold is a constant in a narrow frequency band centered on the frequency of the masking signal, which is called the critical band at the center of the signal bit. The bandwidth of the critical band changes with the change of the center frequency, and the masking effect also changes. This change is non-linear, and the non-linear relationship is inconvenient in research and expression. Researchers use an empirical formula to solve this problem, and the relationship between the masking curve and the critical band becomes a linear relationship. This formula is more complicated here do not discuss.

    In fact, we understand the above three concepts, it is not difficult to imagine how the loss of music is "lossless" music to reduce and maintain a certain sound quality

    Researchers combined the above three masking effects, coupled with a number of other factors, to establish a mathematical model, the human beats earphones auditory psychology model (Perceptual Model)

    In the encoding process of MP3, the original lossless signal is calculated by using the auditory psychology model, and the signal that theoretically will be heard by the masking effect is left, leaving only those signals that will be heard. This process is "Lossy" process.

    Damage to music "loss" is the above mentioned three will be masked out of the signal

    Through the adjustment of the accuracy of the psychological model, you can filter out the signal to varying degrees, filter out the signal more, although the total information can reduce the amount of space, but will inevitably cause greater distortion.

    In the encoding process of MP3, CBR (fixed bit rate), for example, provides a data flow (such as the common 320kbps), and then from the highest precision of the psychological model began to test, to produce a result, and then judge this The result of the data flow is more than the provisions of the flow, if more than, then replace a model for coding, filter out more signals to try to know that the data flow in line with the specified flow. MP3 code is so kept on try and error.

    2017-06-25 20:51:01
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