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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.

I really wanted to like these Beats by Dre headphones. Beats headphones sound pretty good, look great & very comfortable. Love the controls.. Volume, on/off, & two taps changes the track. I just purchased these Beats headphones a few days ago and so far i'm keeping them. The matte black looks great, to me they ARE comfortable. Battery life seems amazing so far, pairing was seamless with my products. The build is fine, quality plastic and again the matte black look great!
Now the sound, I have wired Beats Mixr's and they are super loud, like honestly a lil to loud, the Beats Solo 3 are loud, not super loud, not that I'm looking to go deaf but there is a difference in loudness, just a bit. To me the sound quality is spot on Beats, crisp clean with yes, great bass, perfect for the type of music I listen to which varies, I'm just a lil torn on the loudness issue. I got them new at a great price and that's why I'll most likely keep them, seriously aside from a slight difference in overall loudness they are superior wireless stylish Beats By Dr. Dre headphones with crazy battery life!  I'm keeping them, these Beats by Dre headphones are worth it! I've come to the conclusion they are definitely loud enough,sound quality is great for what your getting, battery life is amazing, and yes, to me, Beats by Dre headphones are comfortable, I've worn them watching a 2 1/2 hr move and forget they were even on, the sound quality immersed me into the movie!


  • Headphone amplifier and system with a big problem

    Recently, it is important to discuss whether the need for amp is important, but there are many errors, the most obvious is out of the entire system and the specific headset to discuss the role of the amp, which has been sorted out for your reference.

    First, the headset system Speaker system has a lot of common places, from the perspective of the entire system to consider the problem, to seize the weakest link in order to use the smallest investment to get the maximum improvement.

    Many friends use the source level is not beats solo high, in this premise, the role of the amp will be significantly reduced. The so-called clever and difficult to cook without rice, in the past I stressed the importance of many sources, civilian sound card and Walkman and entry-level desktop CD gap is also great.

    Sound card and Walkman + amp with the mix for whatever reason, I think that can only be a temporary transition measures, the sound source is not on the overall effect of the grade will not be on the steps.

    Say what kind of headphones need to put on the ear, some people are always very general put the amp or useful or useless point of view, in fact, different headphones on the wharf requirements vary widely. For low-end headphones, beats by dre wireless most of the need for amp, direct use of Walkman, sound card to get,

    "Need to amp" headphones are mostly high-end, is well-known for the high requirements of the headset, high-frequency fine, good extension, front-end audio and amp or even CD disc problems will be undoubtedly, while its low frequency There are fat slow shortcomings, must be controlled by the amp, so that low-frequency layering and flexibility to play out, the ear to do these two points is not a simple matter.

    Sound card and Walkman and CD player, the amplifier comes with the headphone output is actually a simple amp, the first two by the sound source itself can not have any good performance (sound card refers to the civilian sound card), CD machine headphone output Is also attached to the function, I have heard the million-level products can not push the HD600, the most obvious low-frequency problem, which does not need any gold ear, as long as the field is not mud ears can be heard. I have mentioned this issue many times, no longer elaborate.

    Some headphones on the wharf requirements are not high, and some sound card can also be introduced like a child, but even if these headphones can be used to fully play out his character. Today, these first, please add other users.

    Second, the sensitivity of the sound of different people, the natural requirements of different equipment, we can not take a beats by dre studio small part of the hearing is not sensitive to the standard to promote, this part of the people actually very happy, you cheap beats headphones can use very little to be satisfied, We will not discriminate against them, but not to their point of view as a standard to look at HIFI equipment, in fact, so many people actually listening experience has told us the importance of the whole system placed in the system, it does not need any "gold ear ", Without this experience or can not hear now, may wish to slowly develop, looking for opportunities to listen to better with the next effect, the sensitivity of listening can be gradually improved.

    2017-08-15 20:23:47
  • Play the sound on the understanding of the concept of sound

    ?Each instrument has its own unique spectrum, sound, in order to improve the ability to enjoy music, be sure to do more than hearing contrast, that is, play a song, the speaker system sounds and the actual instrument playing the sound of what is different from How much and so on. In order to compare the hearing, we should first understand some of the concept of electro-acoustic nouns, the ear's auditory characteristics and audio equipment, the main technical parameters indicators.

    ?First, part of the electroacoustics nouns

    1, pure tone: it has two meanings: (1) refers to the instantaneous sound pressure with sinusoidal changes in sound waves; (2) refers to a clear tone with a single tone.

    2, pitch: refers to the compound frequency of the lowest frequency components.

    3, overtone: composite sound frequency is higher than the pitch component, the frequency can be an integer multiple of the pitch frequency, it can not. Various instruments can produce different amounts of tense and tonic components with different playing methods, even if the pitch is the same.

    4, sound waves: elastic media in the transmission beats by dre cheap of a mechanical wave, originated in the vibration of the body. Sound wave range of 20Hz-20KHz, the frequency is higher than 20KHz sound waves for the ultrasound, the frequency of less than 20Hz sound waves for the infrasound, ultrasound and infrasound generally can not cause hearing, only the frequency of sound between the two can hear, we can listen The sound waves are called sound waves or audible sounds.

    5, beats by dre studio sound field: refers to the existence of sound waves in the media area. Different sound sources and environments can form different sound fields.

    6, loudness: also known as "volume", the human ear on the volume of a feeling. Depending on sound intensity, frequency and waveform.

    7, sound: also known as "sound goods", mainly by the amount of homophonic and the relative amplitude of each harmonic determined.

    Second, the human ear hearing characteristics

    The sensitivity of the human ear to the sound of the azimuth, loudness, tone and tone is different, there is a big difference.

    1, the sense of position: the ears of the sound transmission direction and distance, positioning discrimination ability is very strong. This auditory character of the human ear is called "azimuth".

    ?2, loudness: beats earphones the slightest sound, as long as the loudness of a slight increase in the human ear can feel, but when the sound loudness increased to a certain value, even if there is a greater increase in the human ear feeling no significant change The Usually the audible sound frequency multiplier is divided into three to determine the low, medium and high frequency band. That is: bass band 20Hz-160Hz, medium frequency band 160Hz-2500Hz, high frequency band 2500Hz-20KHz.

    3, sound feeling: refers to the ear of the sound has a special sense of the comprehensive sense of hearing.

    4, focusing effect: the ear's auditory characteristics can be focused from a large number of sound to a point. If we listen to cheap beats by dre the symphony, the energy and listening to focus on the violin playing the sound, the other instruments playing music will be suppressed by the cerebral cortex, so you hear the feeling is a simple violin playing sound. This ability to suppress varies from person to person, often do the ability to exercise the ability to suppress the strong, we put the ear of this auditory characteristics known as the "focus effect." Do more exercise in this area, you can improve the human ear hearing on a spectrum of sound, quality, resolution and level of identification ability.

    Third, the impact of sound quality, sound of the main technical indicators

    1, the frequency range: the power amplifier in the specified distortion and rated output power under the operating frequency band width, that is, the minimum operating frequency of the power amplifier to the maximum operating frequency range.

    2017-08-14 20:28:15
  • Headset wire technology

    Speaking of headset wire, especially the common copper wire, in addition to the purity is beats by dre sale very important, will have a strong change in the sound, there is a factor is very easy to be forgotten, that is, wire manufacturing process. Excellent process to create a very smooth conductor surface, can greatly improve the conductivity of existing materials, so the manufacturing process and purity is the same important factors, I hope you buy headphones to upgrade the wire when considering this point. We all know that the outside of the headset wire is PVC plastic or weaving and a series of inclusions, which is the copper conductor thread, and generally not a single, but by a number of filament twisted composition. This will not only maintain a large conductor area, but also increase the softness and toughness. But this large number of filaments no doubt than a single conductor to increase a lot of surface area, so the current will be a lot of the surface through the conductor, and these surfaces because the drawing machine pulled out, so the degree of roughness to a large extent determine the conductivity Of the ability, although the purity of the conductor is very high, but if the surface is uneven, then it will be in the sound quality performance greatly reduced, so many manufacturers of hifi wire will use huge amounts of money to beats earbuds create high-precision drawing machine, to ensure that pull out The surface of the copper wire is flat.

    To Kardas, for example, their use of the drawing machine is a diamond tap, very wear-resistant and meticulous, even so, each set of tap in the pull out a certain length of copper will be abandoned! why? Because the Cadiz think it has been worn, if cheap beats by dr dre you continue to use then produced copper wire can not meet the requirements of the surface smooth, although we can not see the difference with the naked eye. Because this formation is molecular level. Such a huge cost of natural to be considered in the cost, which is why Qadasi a lot of 5n pure copper wire is more expensive than others 7n, his reason on this, of course, absolutely good, the sound is very smooth Moist, which can be beats by dr dre seen on the process of headphone cable sound effects. Many manufacturers look at the material is only 5n or 6n copper, but it is very expensive to sell, we do not understand the feeling is like getting money, in fact, the cost of processing technology is the bulk of the cost of wire, understand the truth You can choose the wire when you open the field of view, do not have to be tied to the purity of the hands and feet, missed those good lines.

    2017-08-13 20:25:52
  • The Way to Solve the Vibration Problem of Speaker and the Existing Problems

    After analyzing the causes of the vibrations of the speakers, the technical approach to solving the problem is clear: to reduce the possible vibration and to effectively isolate the existing vibrations.

    Front baffle is the speaker of the most important baffle, the sound quality of the speaker has a great impact. In addition to the support of the baffle, the increase in the strength of the baffle can reduce the vibration of the baffle, people will continue to improve the thickness of the front baffle and the use of new high-strength materials and other methods to improve the stiffness of the baffle. As a result, the thickness of the front baffle has been increased by more than ten millimeters of ordinary baffles to several tens of millimeters, and some high-end product front baffles have a thickness of even 72mm or more. Some are using expensive aluminum alloy, stainless steel front baffle, and even the entire speaker are made of aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber and other expensive materials. These practices, the vibration effect is there, but the speaker box material costs have been increased to a very unreasonable point. This is a lot of speakers are currently used in the vibration path.

    On the other hand, there have been some speaker manufacturers recently adopted some conventional "vibration isolation technology", to the speaker unit and the box between the box plus a layer of elastic rubber gasket to "vibration." Such as a company specially developed "shock wave treble technology" (DTT). According to reports, due to the edge of the tweeter part of the addition of a rubber shock absorber washer, from the front baffle to the treble unit conduction vibration was reduced by more than 20 beats earphones dB. In addition, there are some companies in the speaker, is in the bass or bass unit and the baffle between the layer of a better elastic rubber gasket, the purpose is to make the wobble unit work when the vibration generated to reduce the amount of baffles.

    However, these in other machinery industry can often get better results of the technology, in fact, in the speaker but can not achieve the desired results. Because of this isolation, are "simple vibration isolation system" category. From the vibration isolation theory can know that when the excitation frequency is less than 1.4 times the natural frequency of the system, not only no vibration isolation, but to make vibration amplification. Especially when the excitation frequency and the system's natural frequency is similar, will produce resonance, vibration but has a strong amplification. The frequency range of the vibrations of the speakers (including the loudspeaker unit and the box) covers the natural frequency of the system, and there is a long enough incentive time, so resonance is a high probability event. This is quite different from the situation in other industries. The second reason is that there is no way to do a good job of "mechanics isolation". From the structure point of view, the elasticity of the gasket is not good vibration isolation effect; gasket elasticity, although the vibration isolation effect will be better, but can not stand the unit of incentives, the unit will be a great "swing vibration" Is a great harm to the working state of the speaker unit.

    In addition, some cheap beats by dr dre foreign companies in its high-end speakers, the design of a number of similar "tuning fork" principle of the resonance rod vibration or vibration structure; domestic also set up in the speaker a beats headphones on sale single Helmholtz "resonator" to absorb a certain frequency Sound wave technology. These designs are also effective for absorbing vibration of one or several frequencies of the loudspeaker, but there is a common problem that it is only effective for vibration or vibration of a certain frequency or frequency.

    Therefore, the accumulation of sound waves in the speaker of this serious source of excitation, the current sound-absorbing materials or technology, and did not achieve satisfactory results. The higher frequency band in the box is easy to use ordinary sound absorption material absorption, and will lead to serious harmful resonant box low beats by dre studio frequency sound waves is difficult to deal with. Because of the low-frequency sound waves, almost all porous conventional sound-absorbing material of the sound absorption coefficient is very small, even can not be considered sound-absorbing material. This is the current response to the speaker vibration of some of the conventional initiatives and problems.

    2017-08-11 20:00:56
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